People say laughter is the best medicine and we absolutely stand by it. Throughout this year, many creators tickled our funny bones but one creator who hit the bull’s eye every time is Rishabh Shukla. As a part of our #SleighedIt Campaign, Rishabh Shukla was nominated under the category Santa’s Favourite Meme Master and was crowned as the ultimate winner with your unparalleled love. 

Santa’s Favourite

Winning the title of Santa’s Favourite Meme Master with an astounding 4057 votes, Rishabh Shukla proved why he is a certified laughter guru. The staggering number of votes is a testament to his resonance with the audience. Known for his wit and uncanny ability to find humour in the most mundane things and transform them into viral content, Rishabh’s impact has been felt across social media platforms.

Santa's Favourite Meme Master, Rishabh Shukla

Hilarious Partnerships and Viral Collaborations

Partnering with the iconic snacking brand Too Yumm, Shukla unleashed a series of uproarious videos, infusing laughter into snack time. His quirky take on daily life situations resonated deeply, captivating audiences and bringing a new wave of humour to the brand’s marketing strategy.

Moreover, his creative genius attracted collaborations with big names such as Amazon MiniTV, Goibibo, Ajio Life, Odonil, and numerous others, showcasing his versatility in delivering engaging content across various genres and industries.

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Milestones and Accolades

Rishabh Shukla’s impact extended beyond social media as he earned the coveted YouTube Golden Play Button, a monumental achievement recognising his dedication and amassing a staggering 1.17 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. This milestone solidified his position as a prominent figure in the digital content creation sphere.

Acknowledged by Industry Giants

Star Sports Studios, in collaboration with Meta, extended a special invitation to Rishabh Shukla, acknowledging his influence and creativity. To share the news, Rishabh jotted down a heartfelt caption remembering his days as a kid and how he felt about cricket then. His association with this elite circle further cemented his status as a significant content creator with a distinctive brand.

Sporting and Collaborative Ventures

Rishabh’s presence transcended the digital realm as he stepped into the realm of sports entertainment. Hosting a pre-match segment during one of the IPL matches showcased his versatility and ability to entertain across various platforms.

Moreover, his collaborations with fellow creators like Dharna Durga, Deepak Garg, Amol Parashar, and others reinforced his collaborative spirit and contributed to the diverse content landscape he continues to shape.

Growing Popularity and Personal Milestones

With a staggering following of 693K on Instagram, Shukla’s popularity continues to soar, illustrating the widespread appeal of his comedic genius and engaging content.

Not only has Shukla’s professional life flourished, but he also celebrated personal milestones. Recently, he tied the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony, sharing the joyous occasion with his online community in a series of pictures.

Rishabh Shukla epitomises the modern-day meme culture, weaving laughter into the digital fabric and leaving an indelible mark on social media. His ability to infuse joy, humour, and relatability into everyday moments has earned him a special place in the digital realm in 2023 and we wish he will continue to #SleighIt in 2024.