A powerhouse of talent, Sai Godbole is coming to the Social Nation Festival 2024! With just a year in the digital spotlight, she has taken the internet by storm! Featuring in Anuv Jain’s “Mazaak” and collaborating with Lauv goes to show her growth as a singer and creator. Whether it’s showcasing diverse voices and accents, or covering songs with her own twist, Sai’s authenticity and humour always shine through! Come watch her perform LIVE at Asia’s Largest Creator’s Festival.

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Meet Sai Godbole

Daughter of popular Marathi actor Kishori Godbole, Sai became an internet sensation owing to her mesmerising voice and talent. The singer rose to fame when she created a beautiful song out of the titles of Arijit Singh’s most popular songs. This video went viral in no time with netizens showering heaps of praise on it.

The social media sensation Sai Godbole also pulled off various accents fluently in 60 seconds. Only one minute of the video features her speaking in ten distinct accents. She smoothly switches between Baby Anna from Frozen, Rachel Green, Shakira, and the Australian, British, and French accents.

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Sai’s talent has not gone unnoticed by the entertainment industry. Godbole starred as the lead in Anuv Jain’s music video ‘Mazaak,’ where she proved her acting prowess and left a lasting impression on her audience. She has also collaborated with well-known brands solidifying her presence in the digital space. A graduate of Whistling Woods, Sai received the prestigious Vorian of the Year title, reflecting her commitment and dedication to her craft.

See You At Social Nation!

With such great artists lined up, we are sure the 2 days are going to be a memory of a lifetime. Social Nation Festival Mumbai 2024 is a festival for fans and creators and we promise it will live up to all your expectations. While we set our stage at Jio World Garden, Mumbai for Asia’s Largest Creators Festival, don’t miss out on grabbing your Social Nation Festival ticket online at Zomato Live.

It’s time to land into the world of your favourite digital stars. Meet, dance, sing, and learn from them – all in one place – Social Nation Festival 2024. Stay tuned as we unveil Social Nation Festival’s incredible artist lineup that is bound to make your hearts go dhak-dhak!