Travel is the truest test of love and this travel blogger couple knows it well. The Vogue Vanity (Daizy & Ankit) have embarked on several journeys together and celebrated their wanderlust journey through amazing stories and visuals from across the globe. Balancing work and relationships is hard and running a blogging business ends up bringing many ups and downs.

For many, traveling around the world full time sounds like a total dream come true. For Daizy and Ankit, it’s their reality. For years, they have been captivating digital space with amazing photos and videos, offering tips for getting the perfect vacation shot, and sharing in-depth travel guides.

So here’s the couple, whose hustle, love, and the immense support they provide each other to be the best version of themselves. These guys are the epitome of what a couple should not just on the basis of them being travel bloggers.

There are travel blogs and they are here to make a difference. And If you haven’t met Daizy and Ankit from The.Vouge.Vanity then you should definitely check them out. Not only for the travel content but they’ve also embraced the social media with outfits they wear on their travels. They are the most glamorous travelers I have known.

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Their Instagram clearly shows how much they love each other and how they enjoy their travels together. The couples also have a YouTube Chanel – Vogue Vanity. What we really love about their Channel is that it’s a blend of style and fashion with travel so well.

Daizy and Ankit have been hoarders of fantastic experiences and incredible adventures. They display their undying hunger to travel and photograph and explore new places.

Sharing immense love and support from the amazing Power Couples, serving followers with major #relationshipgoals, and indeed gracefully managing a blogging business together.