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YouTube India’s most loved family the Flying Beast family are now taking over Instagram with their adorable, hilarious and amazing reels. Gaurav Taneja who along with his wife Ritu Rathee runs three youtube channels (FitMuscle TV for fitness, Rasbhari Ke Papa for gaming and Flying Beast for vlogging) is one of the biggest YouTube stars in the country. With a subscriber base of over 6 million on the vlogging channel, the Flying Beast family is a household name across India and perhaps even beyond. After taking over YouTube the family is quite active on Instagram too. 
Here are some Instagram Reels that will make you fall in love (even more!) with the Flying Beast family:

Home Workout 101

Home workouts are no doubt gaining popularity but with a partner like Rasbhari home workouts become a lot cuter. 

Control Uday

The “meri ek taang nakli hai” dialogue from Welcome will always be a classic. With Gaurav Taneja adding his own twist, the scene becomes only funnier. 

It’s not for Me. It’s for the Baby.

We all know that the Flying Beast family are all set for Baby Beast 2.0 and with this reel they perfectly sum up the cute phrase “It’s not for me, it’s for the baby.

Buss It Challenge

Watch what happens when an Instagram trend like Buss It meets the Taneja family!

Dhoom but with a Flying Beast Twist

Dear YRF, if you are reading this we really need you to release the full song for this awesome teaser.

The Most Amazing Unboxing

This is what happens when unboxing meets creativity and cuteness! 

Shifting To New House in Style

Shifting houses has its own challenges but with Gaurav Taneja on the other side style can never take a backseat. 


If you are aware of the hard work, patience and jugaad that went behind to create this reel, then you know it is a “Great Success!”