Roxanne or ‘ladyroxpop’ shared “Reels Best Practices” on Instagram just a day ago. Being in a partnership with Instagram, she has all the latest news and tips for us. Thus, whatever she shares is very helpful, especially for the creators. She’s also into digital art, and her Instagram page is ‘roxpopart’. Her personal Instagram account has 22.2K followers, while her pop-art account has 113 followers. 

Now, let’s get a bit detailed into what she meant by “Reels Best Practices”:

1. Video Tips

  • Making reels is easy. It’s not necessary to use any professional editing skills for making it great. Keeping it simple can also do the trick.
  •  The first few seconds are what catch a viewer’s attention before they scroll to another one. Thus, remember to make those beginning seconds interesting enough to make netizens watch and stay.
  • Use filters and effects in any way you want! Have fun with them ‘cause you will also be noticed through the specific filter or effect’s page.
  • Remix with other content creators to increase your engagement.

2. Evoke A “Literally Me” Response

  • Remember any relatable reel which perfectly matches with you? Well, that’s the exact thing you need to do so that the audience can relate to you and reply with “literally me.”
  • Trends can be monotonous but fun. So, add your unique element to it to stand out from the crowd. 
  • Getting inspired by other creators and making your own is cool. But make sure to tag them or mention them in your reel or caption.

3. Engage Your Audience

  • Want to be among the trending creators? Then, remember to have a call to action in your reels that urges others to hop on and participate. Creating an exclusive hashtag is also another trick.
  • You need to guide your audience on how you want them to engage with your reels. You can opt for text, caption, or voiceover to instruct them. Whatever suits your boat. 
  • Always analyse your reel insight and check which one resonates more with your audience. Try doing that type of reel more often!

4. Use Text

  • Using text as your reel’s cover makes it easy for the audience to know what your reel is about. So, it’s preferable to do that for more engagement.  
  • Also, it’s easy to get noticed by those who are scrolling without sound.

5. All About Audio

  • Take inspiration through reel’s audio and save them for later use.
  • If you use your own audio, it gets its own audio page. Any creator that uses your audio gets attributed to you which helps in your reel getting discovered more.
  • Voiceovers are another way to get noticed by netizens. Also, using trending audio in the background might be a brownie point for you. You never know!
  • Use music from the music library!

6. Don’t Do These things

  • It’s preferable to create your videos directly on Reels, rather than using any other app.
  • Avoid using unnecessary hashtags, and use relevant ones.

So, these were the useful reel tips by Roxanne, which I’m sure will be of much help to you. As she stated, “Remember that anyone can create on Reels. Don’t be intimidated or feel that everything has to be perfect!” Keep trying and create inspiring content. Your efforts will one day surely show fruitful results.