Radio Jockey has been the person who keeps the radio going with their content every day. By definition, a radio jockey is a professional in charge of providing entertainment and information through various radio programs. But, that’s not it anymore. A radio jockey’s job isn’t limited to just radio but also creating their presence over social media platforms.

Active artists who are Radio jockeys

We are mentioning some of the radio jockeys whose social media presence is such that people recall them more by their online content than their radio shows.

RJ Karishma

RJ Karishma is a Radio Jockey at Red FM 93.5. In addition to that, she is popular as a digital content creator across the country as she creates creative funny relatable videos on YouTube – ‘rjkarishma‘ and Instagram which is adored by millions. Her following rose to the masses because of her style, and fantastic personality. Her growing popularity for captivating images and videos is something to be noted.

Her ticket to fame as a digital content creator came through her funny and humorous comedy videos featuring multiple characters. Her expertise lies in mimicry and comedy which led her show to become one of the most popular radio shows ‘Red Adda’ is aired across all towns and she shares a great bond with her listeners.

Her popularity extends to Instagram which makes curated comedy videos and has amassed millions of followers. She’s a prominent public figure in the content-creating industry. Her “Mummy Ji” comedy series sheds a humorous light on the biased traditional customs passed on through generations of “Saas-Bahu” relationships. The skits involve the bahu giving sarcastic comebacks to her mummy Ji who always finds ways to blame and find faults for all kinds of household-related work.

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RJ Naved

RJ Naved is a popular RJ, YouTuber, and social media influencer. Popular for his comedy show – ‘Mirchi Murga‘ on Radio Mirchi 98.3. RJ Naved has gained immense popularity with his famous show DILLI Ka Don, MIRCHI MURGA, Sunset Samosa, Dr love, and Total filmi. He shares his video on his YouTube channel – ‘RJ Naved‘ which is known for making prank calls to people and roasting.

He has invested 20+ years in Radio Mirchi. But when diving back at this history we understand that his journey started as a customer care executive he later decided to participate in India’s biggest jockey search and to everyone’s surprise ended up winning it.

Adding more to his achievement, He won the “Best RJ” award at the Golden Mic in the year 2015, The best Indian Icon Award from National Television Award, “IRF: Best Sparkler” and “The Indian Icon Award”

Over the years he introduced many elements now he’s known as a comedian, entertainer, RJ, Artist, Painter, and Prankster. Naved also shares the limelight on sensitive topics such as – rape, eve-teasing, acid attacks, discrimination, religious misconception, political war, starvation, and the importance of giving charity.

RJ Raunac

RJ Raunac is a famous Indian Radio Jockey popularly famous for his character ‘Baua‘. A character that’d make you ROFL. He joined the Radio Industry in 2010 and did a show on Zee News – ‘Fun Ki Baat’. But Raunac initially never had plans of becoming an RJ, he completed his graduation and MBA and started working in Wipro Company.

He has bagged 600K plus followers on Instagram and shares relatable meme content on his social media. and has not one but 3 YouTube channels- Rj Raunac, RJ Raunac No-Po, and Asli Bauaa on which he uploads different video genres such as news, comedy, and sometimes prank videos with everyone’s favorite Baua, and when combined he has amassed more than 6 million subscribers on his channel.

Rj Raunac has gotten the opportunity to interview many famous Bollywood superstars. He is married to his childhood love and better half, Sonam Asthana. Sonam is a classical Bharat Natyam dancer, who trains and also does choreography. They have been blessed with an adorable son- Neelkanth.

Siddharth Kannan

Siddharth Kannan is a famous RJ, voice-over artist, and film critic. He is currently the most popular TV-radio host in India and holds the record for becoming the youngest radio host in India. He started his journey at the age of 14 years. He is Well Known as a Times FM RJ and Reality Shows Host. He took the initiative to start India’s first radio school called ‘Wild on Air’.

He started an A-list Bollywood celebrity chat show ‘Meow Starburst’ on Meow 104.8fm. which was later changed to ‘Oye talkies’ and then re-named as ‘Bollywood Khul Ke

Kannan’s emergence grew after he started his youtube Chanel – Siddharth Kannan where he uploads celebrity interviews and several other interesting videos on his channel.

While the radio jockeys keep us entertained via radio, let’s not let their efforts on social media go to waste to entertain. Hope their content keeps your daylight.