What began as a hip-hop dance crew in Norway in 2006, is now on the path to becoming the biggest dance phenomenon that the world will ever witness. We’re talking about none other than QUICK STYLE! And the group is back in the country starting with Aamchi Mumbai!

There’s just something about our desi beats that can get anyone grooving. But watching international artists dance to our music is a different high altogether. And Quick Style has created a beautiful brand for itself by blending its unique urban dance style with all types of music, especially Bollywood. 

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The Quick Crew

Their story began in 2006 when a crew of three friends, passionate about music and dance, decided to start a dance class in a youth club in Oslo called The Quick Crew. Their members and passion have only grown over the years which has led them to be established as THE dance crew out there with close to 3M subscribers on YouTube and about 5M followers on Instagram. The now 10-member crew has gained incredible popularity from winning national competitions, performing at big events, touring countries, conducting workshops and more. 

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As Indian As It Gets

When it comes to the Indian connect, Quick Style has definitely left its mark ever since its iconic Wedding Show video went viral on social media. Their super energetic and extremely well-synced choreography on Kala Chashma left viewers in awe of their ‘quick style’ literally.

The impact Quick Style has created through their captivating moves, especially in India, is substantial. According to a report by Campaign Asia, the Indian audience contributes to almost 70% of their total fanbase. They have managed to inspire a whole new generation of dancers and created a wider audience for their genre of urban, house, jazz-funk music and dance.

Collab In Style

This coolest dance crew has done the coolest collaborations with the coolest Indian celebrities. From vibing with Virat Kohli and bringing an old favourite Suneil Shetty song back to life to recreating the iconic Tip Tip Barsa Paani with Raveena Tandon and absolutely killing it in the Mumbai local train. Quick Style has been super quick in capturing hearts throughout the country.

The IIFA Stars

The icing on the cake, they set the stage on fire at this year’s main act at IIFA alongside Nora Fatehi and Badshah in Abu Dhabi, Dubai. “India we are coming this month 🫶” said the group on their Instagram while sharing snippets from their power-packed IIFA performance. And the crew was right here in Mumbai on 11th July, Tuesday. 

Quick Stop: Mumbai

Quick Style set the Mumbai streets abuzz as they depicted the iconic Dabbawalas’ lunch delivery system on the tunes of Nashik Dhol. A system that’s the literal heartbeat of this city. These Dabbawalas pick up their customers’ meals from their homes and deliver them to their offices; then pick those dabbas again and drop them back to their respective homes. All of this with a minuscule scope of error.

The crew seems to be thoroughly enjoying and truly taking in the city’s culture in the most authentic way. The aesthetic Instagram-worthy pictures are proof enough that they feel at home in India.

Next Quick Stop: A City Tour on Mumbai’s Double-Decker Bus

Quick Style seems to knock it out of the park every time they enter a local public transport in the city. After the legendary local train performance, the crew is back with a crisp reel filmed on the open deck of Mumbai’s age-old marvel: the double-decker bus! Their moves never cease to amaze and this time on an upbeat Punjabi number. 

Quick Style’s content is bound to put a smile on your face always. With the most enthralling choreographies, their performances guarantee that their viewers will end up turning into loyal fans wherever they go. We, for once, would love to see them in the country more often with their stunning dance routines and epic locations! Can you guess which city will they drop by next? Let us know in the comment section below!