The Regency Era of England was shown to the world by Shonda Rhimes in her masterpiece tale, Bridgerton. It came at the time when we were looking, rather desperately, for human connection, thanks to the pandemic. Bridgerton told the tales of love and friendship in the most elegant manner. Queen Charlotte lays the foundation for the Bridgerton plot, by being the perfect prequel. 

Queen Charlotte- Bridgerton Prequel
Bridgerton Stans

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is an alternate history of the King of England, George and his Queen, Charlotte. In this fictional narrative, the integrated ton of England is welcoming to both the blacks and whites, so much so that a woman of colour is raised to the position of Queen of England.

Queen Charlotte, created by Shonda Rhimes and directed by Tom Verica, the mini-series is created for Netflix. The 6-episode series was released on the 4th of May for the Indian audience. As a prequel, it explores the unfamiliarity between Young George played by Corey Mylchreest and Charlotte played by India Amarteifio. Soon the unfamiliarity transforms into love, the one written down in history for generations to come.

Young Charlotte embarks on this life-altering journey as she prepares herself to marry the King of England and ascend the throne as the Queen. Like in Bridgerton, you cannot miss the revolutionary leader for her vocal leadership, the pieces fit perfectly in this prequel. Young Charlotte is put in a society that speaks of white supremacy and the flowing of people of colour into influential positions is nothing but a ‘Great Experiment.’ In a way, Queen Charlotte is a revolutionary force who is to change England and Bridgerton, the series for the coming seasons. 

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Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story as a prequel has 2 plot lines. The Regency Era where Queen Charlotte is the Queen who has her duties prioritised, for her people and for the country. The second is that of the Young Charlotte who navigates the power of love and the power as the co-head of Monarchy.

The prequel series also introduces Young Lady Danbury, then Lady Agatha Danbury, whose husband has been moved to the position of royalty. The free-spirited and independent Lady Danbury did not earn her place in society easily, especially after being a widow at such a young age. 

The series also traces back to the time when Lady Danbury and Queen Charlotte discover a friendly spark between each other and lay the ground for a friendship that will sustain the test of time and situations.  Violet Bridgerton will also be a part of the prequel telling her own history while explaining her character better.

While Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story is a prequel to the successful Bridgerton series, you can enjoy the show without having watched the previous two parts. However, whom are we even kidding? Did we not watch Bridgerton enough times to remember parts of the dialogues? We certainly did! 

The mini-series has plenty of fresh faces to drool over from young versions of Charlotte, George, Lady Danbury and Brimsley. The familiar old faces will also make an appearance to soothe our Bridgerton-aching hearts.

Like the previous two series, Queen Charlotte has also been filmed in uptown locations and country estates, to take you back in the era of Regency. Their flowy ballroom gowns and their rosy tinted cheeks will definitely aid the process- AKA makes you feel poor. After all, Lacey gowns will any day win a war against worn-out pyjamas, right?

Before we delve into further details and cannot resist giving spoilers, go watch Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story now. 

Go binge-watch them all!