Public breakups, especially those involving one or both partners who are content creators or celebrities, tend to attract a lot of attention and often lead to significant consequences for the parties involved. The recent breakup between The Rebel Kid AKA Apoorva Mukhija and Utsav Dahiya serves as a pertinent example of this phenomenon. This article explores the dynamics of such public separations, with a particular focus on the repercussions faced by the non-celebrity partner.

The harsh impact of public breakups on the non famous partner

The Rise of Social Media Relationships

In the age of social media, many couples choose to share their relationships publicly, allowing followers a glimpse into their personal lives. Platforms like Instagram, where users can post photos, stories, and videos, have become popular venues for displaying affection and milestones. Many influencers do dedicated dating or wedding postings. These displays often form a significant part of their brand, garnering engagement and building a narrative that fans eagerly follow.

Apoorva Mukhija and Utsav Dahiya

The breakup between Apoorva Mukhija and Utsav Dahiya highlights the complexities of ending a relationship in the public eye. After sharing multiple posts celebrating their relationship, the split came as a shock to many of their followers. This sudden change prompted an outpouring of curiosity and, unfortunately, a wave of negative attention directed towards Utsav Dahiya, the non-celebrity partner.

Trolling and Public Scrutiny

Utsav Dahiya has faced excessive trolling and scrutiny from fans of Apoorva Mukhija, who have been questioning him about the reasons behind the breakup. The lack of privacy and the relentless questioning can take a significant toll on the mental health and well-being of the non-famous partner. This trend is not unique to Apoorva and Utsav; it reflects a broader pattern observed in other public breakups.

Utsav’s reply to a comment on his reel about his breakup with apoorva
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The Case of Kritika Khurana and Her Public Split

Another example is the breakup of Kritika Khurana, AKA TheBohoGirl, whose relationship had been widely followed and celebrated on social media. The end of her marriage and the separation announcement left fans curious and eager for explanations. Such incidents underscore the high level of interest and emotional investment that followers often have in the personal lives of influencers.

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The Impact on Non-Celebrity Partners

While breakup in itself is an emotionally draining process which is difficult to navigate. For many non-celebrity partners, the breach of privacy and relentless trolling is an additional trauma they need to undergo.

Emotional and Psychological Strain

The non-famous partner often bears the brunt of the public’s reaction to the breakup. Being thrust into the spotlight without the coping mechanisms or media training that creators might possess can be overwhelming. The constant barrage of questions, accusations, and unsolicited advice can lead to anxiety, depression, and a sense of isolation.

Loss of Privacy

The invasion of privacy is another significant issue. Unlike their celebrity counterparts, non-famous individuals are not accustomed to public scrutiny. They may find it challenging to maintain their privacy and navigate their personal lives while being subjected to widespread speculation and judgment.

Public Breakups and the impact on non-famous partner


Social Media and Real-Life Repercussions

The impact of public breakups extends beyond the virtual realm. The backlash and trolling experienced online can spill over into real life, affecting personal relationships, professional opportunities, and overall social standing. The stigma attached to being the perceived “cause” of the breakup can linger, creating long-term repercussions.

Coping Mechanisms and Support

For non-celebrity partners dealing with a public breakup, finding effective coping mechanisms and support systems is crucial. Seeking professional help, such as therapy or counselling, can provide a safe space to process emotions and develop strategies to handle public scrutiny. Leaning on friends and family for support and disengaging from social media can also help mitigate the impact.

Public Breakups and the impact on non-famous partner


Public breakups present unique challenges, particularly for the non-famous partners who are often unprepared for the intense scrutiny and judgment that follows. The cases of Apoorva Mukhija and Utsav Dahiya, as well as Kritika Khurana, illustrate the profound impact that social media can have on personal relationships. As our society becomes increasingly interconnected through digital platforms, it is essential to foster empathy and understanding, recognizing the real human experiences behind the curated posts and public personas.