As humans, we have an innate desire to connect, to share our experiences, dreams, and emotions through words and the art of storytelling. In this digital era, words are all the more important as they serve as our primary means of self-expression. From this landscape, a pioneer emerges, weaving tales that resonate deeply and evoke nostalgia, romance, and sincerity. We are talking about the expert storyteller Priyanshu Modi, who captures the essence of human emotion with every word penned. Join us on this week’s On Our Radar, as we speak to the masterful wordsmith and visionary storyteller, whose narratives go beyond the digital realm to touch hearts and souls alike.

Priyanshu Modi shares the art of storytelling in an exclusive interview

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SN: We love your style of storytelling, can you tell us who is/what is the inspiration behind the beautiful stories you write? 

Priyanshu: There have been plenty of influences, but mostly by Imtiaz Ali and Wong Kar Wai. Imtiaz has been one of my favourite directors, and Wong Kar Wai’s films have also had the most creative impact on me. 

SN: You’ve mentioned “You’re meant to tell stories”, Can you take us back to the first story you wrote? 

Priyanshu: The first story I wrote was when I was 13 years old. It is probably one of the longest stories I have ever written. It was around 30 pages long. I don’t remember the specifics now but it was about a boy who dreamt of becoming a race car driver. I had two copies of it, a rough and a final draft, and somehow I have lost both of them over time. I still think of it as a very defining moment in my life. 

SN: Your stories always have the most nostalgic songs in the background, which old-school song according to you has the best lyrics, that gave you butterflies in your stomach? 

Priyanshu: There are many old songs that I love, but there are a few that were my favourite growing up and still are, ‘Aap ki nazron ne samjha’, and ’Dil to bachcha hai’ and ‘’Isq Risk’, if we are considering they are old school. 

SN: Most of your stories are cute romantic moments. Is Priyanshu a hopeless romantic in real life too?

Priyanshu: That would be the biggest yes. I have always been the kind of person who has believed in being naive when it comes to love and going all in every single time. That is the reason all of these stories are very honest and heartfelt. 

SN: Delhi metro has featured quite a few times in your videos, what’s the story behind that? Any real-life stories that take you back there? 

Priyanshu: There’s no particular story behind it, the reason, again, is just that I absolutely love Delhi, and I think Delhi is very incomplete without the Delhi Metro, and so by extension, I love it too. I love travelling in the metro, listening to songs, and watching stories unfold in front of my eyes. It has even been the place where I have had many of my stories come to my head. 

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SN: In a generation of Situationships and Open relationships, your content is like a breath of fresh air, what do you think of the GenZ way of love? 

Priyanshu: I think Love goes beyond generations. Love is love, no matter which generation experiences and expresses it. The ways might change, but the intentions and the feelings shall always remain the same. More than a label, it is an emotion that is based on honesty, trust, respect, and genuine care for the other person. So as long as these basic things are there, I think it’s all good. 

Priyanshu Modi talks about storytelling in an exclusive interview


SN: As a Shah Rukh Khan Fan, which movie of SRK do you think is an all-rounder in terms of script writing, dialogue, music and direction?

Priyanshu: I recently watched Veer Zara for the first time, and that too on the big screen. I can never forget how I felt while watching it. Especially the railway station scene right in the middle, where Do Pal starts playing and SRK occupies the screen. There is just a way in which that man owns every frame that is unmatchable. 

SN: What does Priyanshu’s future look like? Are you working on any scripts? Will we see Director Priyanshu any time soon? 

Priyanshu: I was not expecting to get attacked being asked about future plans right after making me remember Veer Zara, but just kidding. I definitely am working on some scripts. I am trying to dive deeper into films by consuming more and more cinema from all around the world. I hope to write a few short films by the end of the year and also bring them to life. You’ll definitely see more and better things by Priyanshu, this is just the very beginning. 

SN: Writing Scripts, shooting the video with the right aesthetics, acting in the videos and performing on stage. Which of these processes do you enjoy the most? 

Priyanshu: I have been relentlessly writing, shooting, and acting for the last few months with only a little bit of live on-stage performances but I would definitely rank performing on stage as something I enjoy the most. The thrill of being on stage, the adrenaline, is just something else. Something very inexplicable. 

SN: Lastly, what are your tips for time management, considering you’re balancing so many things daily? 

Priyanshu: I think that’s the most important thing, especially when it is a field like mine where I don’t necessarily have anyone asking me to do something or deadlines hanging over my head. That is when it becomes even more important to have a concrete willpower to do stuff. I personally write down a few tasks that I need to get done in a day, mostly they include, writing, watching a film every day, and planning the upcoming shoot. I think the best way, is to note down the 3 or probably 4 most important things that you need to do in your day and then just do them, without waiting for any motivation or the right time because it’s always the right time.

Talking to writer and storytelling master, Priyanshu Modi


From his earliest days of crafting tales to envisioning himself as a director, Priyanshu’s dedication to his artistry shines brightly. With a heart full of love and a mind brimming with creativity, Priyanshu promises to deliver more heartfelt and mesmerising narratives, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of modern cinema. As we bid farewell to this insightful conversation, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in Priyanshu’s remarkable journey.