Looks like Prajakta Koli weaves her magic wherever she goes and people cannot have enough of her and repeatedly want to be in her company. From Netflix show sequels to signing consecutive Bollywood films, Prajakta is wanted more than once. This time it is for Audible, where she previously worked for Marvel Wastelanders. She is now all set with her new series on Audible, Desi Down Under.

Desi Down Under virtually takes you to the beautiful Coogee beach of Australia where the waters are clear and the sky is beautiful. Australia is a popular holiday destination, best known for its exotic beaches that replicate the idea of heaven. 

Wouldn’t it be great to visit a foreign land from the comfort of your house? Well, Desi Down Under claims to do that for you. Treat yourself to the sound of waves and to the enigmatic voice of Prajakta who is all set to find herself a “real career” by the Australian beach. 

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The Cast

The Desi Down Under is an Audible Original series. Aadarsh Gourav plays the role of Devan who is Meenu’s best friend and they secretly have a crush on each other while neither of them can express their feelings. Prajakta Kohli lends her voice to the character Meenu, who accompanies Devan. Taaruk Raina plays the character of Rahul who is Meenu’s Twin Brother. 

The Plot

Devan ideates a trip to Sydney to earn a Bronze Medallion in Lifesavers training so that he can use these skills to protect his fishermen community in Mangalore. Meenu on the other hand is fighting conservatism at home and seeks to build a career for herself while finding herself. While Rahul is sent on the trip by their parents to govern Meenu, AKA Prajakta, he is really on the trip because he loves to party and cannot wait to explore Australian culture.

Soon their adventure turns into a misadventure when they realise they have to work together as a team and if only the three of them pass this test, they can all earn the Bronze Medallion. While the different interests stir conflicts, the grey clouds are only temporary.

Desi Down Under is available on Audible in English and Hindi. While Hindi is absolutely free, English can be enjoyed by members. The series has already premiered on Audible and it’s high time you watch it.

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Exotic India
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Prajakta Koli In Audible's Desi Down
Rakuten Kobo

We also know the power of words and it is time to unleash this power. Shift from a viewing experience to a listening one with Audible’s interesting series that will transport you to a different world.