In recent years, Augmented Reality (AR) has been experiencing an unprecedented surge in global popularity, transforming the way we interact with the world around us. Projections suggest that by 2025, a staggering 75% of the global population will be frequent AR users, and virtually all users of social and communication apps will be partaking in this digital revolution. In this landscape of innovation and immersion, India has emerged as a burgeoning hub for AR creativity and innovation, propelling the growth of AR creators in the country to remarkable heights. One of the latest to join the club is PlucTV and Snapchat.

Snapchat and PlucTV associate with Vivek Thakur for fAR Out


Against this backdrop of technological advancement and artistic exploration, the partnership between the creator economy and storytelling platform PlucTV, and the visual communication giant Snapchat, has given rise to a groundbreaking initiative named fAR out. This innovative program provides Indian AR creators with a unique opportunity to collaborate with both domestic and international artists on crafting digital experiences for art installations, which are set to be showcased at one of South Asia’s most prestigious land art exhibitions.

Snapchat and PlucTV associate with Altaha Ansari for fAR Out


The impressive lineup of artists includes names that span the artistic spectrum, from Vibha Galhotra and Sharbendu De to Jigmet Angmo, Nikolaus Geyrhalter, and Phillip Frank. These visionary creators are at the forefront of combining artistic expression with technological innovation, bringing together digital and physical realms to create immersive experiences that transcend traditional artistic boundaries.

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fAR out is not just an initiative limited to seasoned AR professionals; it opens its doors to enthusiasts and budding creators as well. This inclusive approach acknowledges the vast potential that lies within both experienced creators and those who are just beginning to explore the capabilities of AR technology. The response to the initiative has been overwhelming, with AR creators from every corner of India registering to be part of this groundbreaking collaboration.

Snapchat and PlucTV associate with Karishma Katiyar for fAR Out


Out of the numerous registrations received, five AR creators have been chosen to contribute their unique perspectives and creative skills to the project. These creators, Altaha Ansari from Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh; Dheeraj Tibrewal from Patna, Bihar; Krunal MB Gediya from Mumbai, Maharashtra; Karishma Katiar from Delhi; and Vivek Thakur from Surat, Gujarat, are poised to push the boundaries of artistic expression through the fusion of augmented reality and land art.

What sets the fAR out program apart is its ambitious goal of bridging the gap between digital and physical art forms. The collaboration between Snapchat and PlucTV strives to seamlessly integrate the worlds of AR creators and land artists, introducing festival-goers to a captivating blend of immersive digital narratives and interactive physical artworks. The project’s grand debut is slated to take place at the Sā festival, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Disko Valley near Leh. The festival will feature a stunning array of site-specific art installations, video projections, and sculptures that come to life through the lens of augmented reality.

Snapchat and PlucTV associate with Dheeraj Tibrewal for fAR Out


Krunal MB Gediya, one of the selected AR Creators for the fAR out initiative, enthusiastically shared, “Being chosen for fAR out is an incredible opportunity. Augmented Reality has the power to revolutionise our interaction with art, and the Sā festival provides the perfect stage to demonstrate this potential. I’m eagerly looking forward to collaborating with the land artists on-site and creating novel experiences for the installations.”

Founder and CEO of PlucTV, Tamseel Hussain, voiced his excitement about the transformative potential of AR: “Augmented Reality serves as an incredible tool to infuse innovation and creativity into new realms. Our partnership with Snapchat to assemble a diverse community of Augmented Reality Creators at the Sā festival in Ladakh is an unparalleled opportunity. This collaboration not only harmonises land art and augmented reality but also unfolds captivating narratives.”

Snapchat and PlucTV associate with Krunal Gediya for fAR Out


The fAR out program, with its harmonious blend of digital technology and artistic prowess, aims to showcase the boundless potential of augmented reality in enhancing contemporary art. As the worlds of digital and physical creativity converge, this initiative promises to breathe new life into the art world, sparking conversations and inspirations that extend beyond the festival grounds.