Pinterest has announced some new updates to help retailers make the most of their opportunities in the app. These updates include catalog display through product feed gulp with expanded availability of its “Premiere Spotlight” ads, and the ability for users to shop via creations within its separate Shuffles app.

According to Pinterest: “When merchants connect their product catalog, Pinterest enables the products within it to be discoverable and shoppable via Pins, ads, and videos.

Pins created via catalog upload get to take advantage of visual technology built for shopping such as Virtual Try-On and Pinterest Lens. Merchants also receive a Shop tab on their Pinterest profile, making it easier for consumers to shop their products.” 

Also, Pinterest wants to open up its “Premiere Spotlight” ads for more companies as these ads are in a prominent position on the website.


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As you can see in this illustration given above, Premiere Spotlight advertising occupies the top spot on Pinterest’s search page, offering businesses the chance to be at the top of consumers’ minds when they use the app to search.

After testing it over the past few weeks, Pinterest is now making that possibility available to additional brands, which might be a worthwhile opportunity.

Finally, Pinterest wants to take use of the popularity of its own “Shuffles” app, which lets users create collages from largely Pinterest-sourced product photographs. The next step will be for Pinterest to enable shopping within the app.

Pinterest introduces new display option ‘Shuffles’

This example shows how the new update will show More detail on objects seen in Shuffles collages while also allowing you to view additional collages that contain the same item.

To further assist you in locating the best prices on an item being featured or similarly-priced goods using data from Pinterest, Pinterest is also planning to incorporate brand and price comparison tools.