Social media is celebrating Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month in various ways. From introducing Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month stickers and sharing content created by the Latinx community, Instagram was already a step ahead in its support but Facebook too upped its game. Illustrator Nicole Medina designed Facebook’s Wordmark Delight to celebrate this month with bright and bold colours!

Born in Pennsylvania and raised in Venezuela, Medina expressed through Facebook Open Arts and Facebook Design, “As a first-generation Latina American, it’s important to me to honor my roots. Latinx Hispanic Heritage Month is a positive reminder to celebrate the customs and traditions I have around me. As someone who is bicultural, it’s important for me to honor my roots.”

Inspired by her mother’s and grandmother’s seamstress work, Nicole said in a statement to Facebook Design, “it feels like I’ve been surrounded by pattern and textiles my whole life. I love the idea of filling my illustrations with patterns or pattern-inspired designs—it feels like I’m putting myself into my work.”

Talking about her inspiration behind the Wordmark, she stated to Facebook Open Arts, “I want this design to resonate as a bright reminder to the Latinx and Hispanic community to celebrate the presence of our culture. I want the people who see this design to feel inspired and have a sense of connection.”

Further, she said, “Being between two cultures, there are parts of my identity that have always felt unclear. But I’ve been learning that that’s actually one of my greatest assets. Representation is so important in all types of media and everyone’s experience and stories are valid.”

Nicole Medina’s illustration truly wins one’s heart. It’s just so bright and we can feel the warmth and love glowing by just looking at it. Well, Facebook’s step to commission the artist for this wonderful creation was definitely the right choice.