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According to the official Snapchat Newsroom, There’s a new drop coming to Snapchat+. Starting from today, a user can access more exclusive features as part of their subscription. 

Snapchat has announced new additions to its Snapchat+ subscription offering. At the same time, it has also shared some new insight into Snapchat+ take-up, which provides more perspective on the potential of such options in the broader strategic scheme.

Snapchat has now added four new ways to customize your Snapchat experience:

Priority Story Replies: Your replies will be more visible to Snap Stars. 

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Post View Emoji: Pick an emoji you want friends to see after they view your Snaps. It’s a signature way to sign off your Snaps.


New Bitmoji Backgrounds: Give your Bitmoji background more flair with particular backgrounds like gleaming gold and a beach paradise. 


It’s been just over six weeks since Snapchat+ launched it and they are thrilled to share there are over 1 million paying subscribers.

These latest features now give Snapchat+ subscribers access to 11 exclusive in-app features, which bests Twitter Blue’s 9 exclusive elements. Not that it’s a competition, because most of the people who are likely to pay for Snapchat+ are not going to be in the target market for Blue as well.

The two subscription elements provide an interesting parallel as to how these types of offerings can work – and indeed if they actually do work in the broader scheme of things.

Similarly for Twitter, it’s likely that the upping of the Blue price ahead of the addition of tweet editing probably expects to bring in a heap more paying subscribers, given that it’s the most requested social media feature in history.

Snapchatters can enable Snapchat+ anytime by visiting their Profile and it will continue to drop more features in the coming months. 

Happy Snapchat+ing users!