The display of all the newest Google technologies at I/O is fascinating every year. The goal of Android has always been to make computing accessible to as many people as possible. Google has observed how this can benefit people globally with its more than 3 billion active devices worldwide.

They demonstrated how they are utilizing AI to improve the features you love about Android, starting with customization and expression, and how they are connecting you to the complete ecosystem of devices, where everything works better together.

See with Android, from your tablet and foldable to your watch

Thanks to their investments in quality and bettering app experiences, large-screen Android devices are now better than ever. Over 50 Google applications, including Gmail, Photos, and Meet, have been enhanced for big displays. And on larger screens, your favorite apps, including Disney+, Spotify, and Minecraft, display beautifully and operate with ease.

These interactions function on foldable as well. It’s fantastic to see this design factor gaining popularity with new devices from Motorola, OPPO, Xiaomi, Vivo, and now, Pixel, starting with the ground-breaking Samsung Galaxy Fold. You can switch between tasks and complete them while you fold and unfold your phone thanks to fast screen transitions, better multi-column layouts, and tabletop mode.

Smartwatches are also gaining popularity, they say. Since the release of Wear OS 3 in 2021, the platform has increased more than five times, making it the fastest-growing smartwatch platform globally. The platform is also receiving investment from developers. More fantastic experiences are coming this year from Gmail and Calendar, and soon, WhatsApp will release its first-ever wearable app for Wear OS.

Discover Android’s finest features on your TV and in your vehicle

With more free TV channels available to Google TV users recently than any other streaming platform, Android TV OS is currently the world’s most popular streaming platform for the living room.

Whether it’s Android Auto or vehicles with Google built-in, Android keeps introducing fresh in-car experiences while driving. This year, 200 million cars will have Android Auto, which is supported by almost all major automakers.

Additionally, they keep bringing Android to new screens. They are constructing a new Android-powered immersive XR platform alongside Samsung.

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Enjoy how much better your devices function together

Android, however, is about connecting devices as well as a variety of various device types. And they’ve been creating features to make it easier for your devices to communicate with one another:

  • More than 300 headphones may be quickly paired with your favorite devices thanks to Fast Pair.
  • With compatibility with more than 3,000 apps, Casting makes streaming video and audio to your devices effortless.
  • On 3 billion devices, Nearby Share is enabled, making it simple to share material with others and among your phone, tablet, and Chromebook. Even Windows PCs can use it; it is currently accessible worldwide in beta.

With the new Find My Device app, keep track of all your gadgets

Later this summer, Find My Device will receive an update to enable a wider variety of devices from various companies, including headphones, tablets, and more, to help you keep track of all your devices. Unknown tracker warnings will also let you know if an unauthorized tracking tag is following you and assist you in finding it, protecting both your privacy and safety.

Utilize AI to personalize your Android device

Android’s ability to power this ecosystem of devices allows it to disseminate Google’s AI advancements on a massive scale. For instance, Android utilized AI models last year to shield users from 100 billion texts that were thought to be spam.

The latest examples of how AI development may make your phone even more unique, such as Magic Compose, Cinematic Wallpaper, and Generative AI Wallpaper, have now been shown.

Maintain contact with family and friends

Android also links people to one another in addition to linking all of these gadgets and enhancing your use of AI. It shouldn’t matter what sort of phone each person is using when you are texting in a group chat since sharing high-quality photographs and videos, seeing typing notifications, and being secure with end-to-end encryption should all just work.

Android keeps bringing the advantages of computers to everyone, whether it’s through linking you to a full ecosystem of devices or by utilizing AI to make features you already love about Android even better.

Keep an eye out for new features that will be added this year through the frequent updates we make to Android.