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The streaming platform Netflix has written on its blog about new game launches! The platform has a great streaming audience and to make it more interesting and interactive for them they are now launching more games.

There are a variety of mobile games for you to explore on Netflix and plenty more to come this month, including Before Your Eyes (Skybound Games), Mahjong Solitaire (Smoking Gun Interactive) and Into The Breach (Subset Games). You can download games through the Netflix mobile app on both your Android and iOS devices today!

Before Your Eyes (Available to play July 26)

Dubbed as the most emotional game of 2021, the BAFTA award-winner Before Your Eyes delivers an accessible, emotional narrative game intended for all audiences. Players find themselves in the company of The Ferryman, tasked with locating souls who have lived extraordinary lives and transporting them to the afterlife. Utilizing your phone’s camera, players’ blinks, and glances will drive the narrative journey giving you a first-hand experience of events through the characters’ eyes and allowing you to fully control important choices throughout the story. By combining its innovative blink interaction mechanic with a charming world and a fully voice-acted story, Before Your Eyes is a perfect match for mobile gamers, and now, you can take this emotional and relatable journey wherever you go. 
FUN FACT: In researching the game, the creators digitized their old home movies to get a feel for their own ‘90s childhoods, which informed the look and story of the game. 

Mahjong Solitaire (Available to play 26 July)

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Simple but never easy, enjoy 300 tile-matching puzzles in this single-player tabletop game. This brand new mobile game challenges players to match tiles to remove them from the board. Clear all the tiles and you win! You’re guaranteed to solve these puzzles every time with new daily challenges and achievements — always keeping your puzzles feeling fresh! Better yet, this game is equipped with different themes and backgrounds that players can customize themselves to change the look and feel — including the ǝpᴉsdn uʍop for those Stranger Things fans. 
FUN FACT:  If you want to play stress free, try turning on unlimited reshuffles and reshuffle your way to victory.

Into The Breach (Already available to play as of 19 July)

This tactical strategy game challenges players to assemble a squad of pilots and mechs, each with unique traits and abilities, then command them in turn-based battles against an alien enemy that threatens the future of civilization. But don’t worry, in this game, failure is an option. If you’re defeated, you can send for help back through time to try and save humanity in another timeline. Named “Game of the Year” by PC Gamer in 2018, the interface in the Netflix version has been redesigned with the smaller form factor of mobile devices in mind and comes packed with never-seen-before Advanced Edition content, including new pilots, mechs, weapons, enemies, missions, and more.
FUN FACT: Into the Breach began as a response to films and games where defenders of a city destroy the whole city in the process. Subset Games wanted to make a game where players cared about collateral damage and were willing to sacrifice their heroes to protect the city.