What’s Up Sister released a new podcast YouTube video and played the part 2 in the ‘Never Have I Ever’ series. They also announced the podcast’s exclusivity on Spotify. This video entails spicy questions, dark black coffee shots and Kritika along with Deeksha Khurana chilling with each other and the audience. The steaming hot pot contains boiling hot secrets, a sneaky peek of their personalities, and more. Let’s open the lid and see what’s cooking, shall we?

This video entailing the second part of the series ‘Never Have I Ever’ features the ‘What’s Up Sister’ duo to answer unseen spicy questions and give backstory of the same. The questions include sexting, going out without a bra, and more that highlights the spice of their lives. Tap and watch the video right away to listen to their personal experiences with a whole spoonful of chilly!

I hope you enjoyed this video and got to know more about the duo sisters. Did you play the game with them? Which question was your favourite and what was the highlight from the video for you? Discuss and let me know through the comments! I’ll be waiting to read what you have to say. If you want to watch the first part, tap HERE! And until my pen writes more for you, here’s another article featuring a podcast creator that you should check out right away by tapping HERE! Here’s to the Khurana sisters and their podcast!