It’s a K-Drama, it’s got a gripping storyline and it’s got great actors, what else do you need to plan your weekend binge plan? As you can tell we are super-excited to watch the upcoming Strong Girl Nam-Soon series, a comedy-crime masterpiece ready to take over our screens on October 7, 2023, on Netflix.

This show is already grabbing eyeballs as it is a spin-off of the 2017 hit of Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Sik, and Ji Soo’s marvel “Strong Girl Bong-Soon.” Wondering what it is all about? Let’s give you a sneak peek at the series and what’s making us so excited to watch it ASAP:

The Impressive Star Cast

Strong Girl Nam-Soon, Park Bo Young, Netflix, Kim Jung Un, Lee Too Mi, Ong Seong Wu

The stellar cast lineup of this highly anticipated K-drama, includes Lee Yoo Mi as the lead, playing Gang Nam Soon, alongside other fabulous actors such as Kim Jung Un, Kim Hae Sook, Ong Seong Wu, and Byun Woo Seok. There will also be special appearances by Park Bo-Young and Park Hyung-Sik.

The Eye-Catching Poster

The newly released poster gives us a glimpse of the ultimate showdown that is about to happen in the show. It represents crime blended with comedy between Gang Nam Soon’s family and the cunning villain Ryu Shi Oh, as played by Byun Woo Seok. In the poster, Nam Soon, with her confident smile and powerful punch, demonstrates that she is capable of taking down bad guys with her fists alone. Hwang Geum Joo, riding a cool motorbike, is prepared to engage in thrilling high-speed chases, much like Gangnam’s own Batgirl. Gil Joong Gan additionally appears very strong and cheerful at the same time. On the flip side of the poster, we meet Kang Hee Shik, a fiery detective, and Ryu Shi Oh, a cold-blooded antagonist.

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The Mind-Blowing Storyline and the Power-Play of Superwomen

Netflix Strong Girl Nam-Soon Strong Girl Bong-Soon K-Drama

Lee Yoo Mi plays the role of Gang Nam Soon, the 6th cousin of Do Bong Soon, and is blessed with incredible superpowers. In the series, it shows that Gang Nam Soon goes missing as a child in Mongolia and sets out on a journey to meet her long-lost mother years later.

She reaches Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea, in the quest, and fate reunites her with her mother, Hwang Geum-Joo (played by Kim Jung-Eun). The mother is shown to be a wealthy and righteous woman who, after losing her daughter, dedicated her life to good deeds. Adding to the family’s legacy of superpowers in women is Gil Joong-Gan (played by Kim Hae-Sook), the grandmother who also possesses superhuman strength, just like Gang Nam Soon.

This trio of powerful women find themselves entangled in a Gangnam drug case that is being investigated by Lieutenant Kang Hee Sik (played by Ong Seong Wu), a charismatic detective who is set on a mission to unveil the drug case. It is believed that Gang Nam Soon will also be attracted to Detective Kang Hee Sik. Kang Hee Sik is shown to be the youngest officer at Gangnam Han River Police Station and is known for his unwavering commitment to justice, knowledge, and moral character.

But where’s the bad guy? Ryu Shi Oh (played by Byun Woo Seok), a villain driven by insatiable greed who also serves as the CEO of Dugo, a sales and distribution company. The best part? Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik are all set to make cameo appearances in the series as Do Bong Soon and Ahn Min Hyuk.

The New Stills From the Crime-Comedy Series

Netflix Strong Girl Nam-Soon Strong Girl Bong-Soon K-Drama

The new stills from the series have gotten us more excited than ever. In one of the stills, Gang Nam Soon is seen having an initial encounter with Kang Hee Sik. They have a mysterious pinky promise involving the luggage from Mongolia. To find out what that’s about, we will all have to wait and tune in when the drama finally airs.

Are you just as excited as us for this crime-comedy K-drama? Let us know in the comments section below, and *whispers* all the gossip, fan fiction, and spoiler alerts are most welcome here!