Yes, certain users now have access to LinkedIn as a native post-scheduling tool, which the company has been beta-testing for the past few months.

By adding another tool to users’ LinkedIn management processes, they might be able to make the most of users’ online presence. And that might be a bigger factor now that more people are searching for potential substitutes in case Twitter implodes.

According to this illustration provided by app researcher Nima Owji, LinkedIn is developing a new scheduling feature that would be integrated into the post-composer flow and would have a new clock symbol in the window’s bottom right corner.

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A user can simply press the clock icon to access the scheduling options and then enter the day and time they want their post to go live in the app (up to 90 days in advance).

The post is then ready to go, completely within the LinkedIn app, after you tap “Next” and “Schedule.”

As seen in the image given below, the app also lets users know how to browse and control their scheduled posts, giving them a convenient way to keep up with their LinkedIn presence while on the road.

Native post-scheduling | Linkedin

LinkedIn responded to this long-time request for more information on the roll-out with the following quote:

“We’re starting to roll out post scheduling on desktop and Android so that our creators can easily plan the content they want to share next, with iOS coming soon. This means you can schedule text posts, videos, and images up to three months in advance.”

This might be a useful feature that enables all the users to develop a more cohesive, mobile-friendly LinkedIn approach.

Additionally, according to LinkedIn, post scheduling will soon be available for groups, company pages, and other sorts of content.