Instagram’s @Creators shared Nana Agyemang’s ways to build an engaged audience on Instagram. “The best community is one you’re always in conversation with—but how do you build an active, chatty community that likes what you do? Lifestyle creator and social media tips author, @itsreallynana stopped by to share with some advice around increasing engagement 🚀”, stated Instagram’s @Creators.

Check out Nana’s four tips for boosting engagement on Instagram:

Now that you’ve seen the post, let me highlight her points for you to grasp them better:

1. Find Your Top-Performing Posts & Post Them Often

“Find out what your top performing posts are. You can use Instagram Analytics tool to help you find out your highest Likes, Reach, and Engagement. Replicate that type of content more often for exposure and growth.”

2. Use Instagram Stickers on Stories To Engage With Your Community Actively

“Use the Instagram Stories Sticker tool. This is really helpful when you want to spark engagement and community. You can use a poll. You can use a suggestion box. There’s so many different options here.”

3. Experiment With Instagram Reels

“You should be experimenting with Reels, especially adding trendy songs over I find that I get more reach and Likes, and you might even pop up on the Explore page.”

4. Create Content Which Hits The 3 Es: Educate, Engage, Excite

“Lastly, before you post any piece of content, ask yourself, does it meet the three Es? Does it educate, engage and excite? If your content does meet the three Es, you might have a better chance at getting a response from your audience.”

Nana Agyemang’s
Source: SocialBooster

I hope y’all learned something from these valuable tips provided by Nana Agyemang. That’s all for today! Happy Engaging & Reeling!