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Murad and Nataly Osmann are famous travel partners who need no instructions!

Constantly exploring new places together, the couple documents their experiences by living as the natives do. The couple became well-known thanks to the “Follow Me To” series, which went viral in 2012.

Ten years, three accounts, and millions of followers later the #followmeto project has been extremely successful. The project is all about love, travel, passion, culture, exploration, and adventure. 

Murad is a Russian traveler and photographer who visits the most stunning locations on earth with his wife. His photographs are absolutely exceptional and incredibly lovely, and ever since, they have been recognized as the leading travel influencers!

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With them, you can explore some of the world’s most stunning locations from the convenience of your phone while daydreaming about your upcoming holiday.

By sharing their gorgeous, romantic images of themselves together and their thrilling travels, they provide tremendous travel inspiration.

Once you’ve had a taste of their feed, you can’t help but scroll back and forth repeatedly!

This travel-featured couple on Instagram is the epitome of relationship goals. They inspire others to love and be a wanderlust soul by sharing each epic experience on Instagram while growing more in love.

We’ve chosen some of their top traveling couple pictures for you, so you can stop spending countless hours researching. Scrolling may now begin!

You should definitely visit their profile if you enjoy traveling, having spontaneous adventures, and discovering new places!