Malaysia-born Mohamad Sofiyan is an accomplished content creator and influencer. His Instagram profile @sofyank96 serves as a display of his extraordinary ingenuity and mastery of visual effects, which have earned him a great deal of recognition. The popular content creator from Malaysia is one of a kind and is a big fan of Zach King’s content. Sofyan is a diehard fan of the famous creator Zach King and has met him more than once.

Sofyank, recently won the Ultimate VFX Challenge in Los Angeles, representing the nation with pride.

All three competitors had 72 hours to create a magic video for the competition, which was organized by American internet sensation Zach King.

The judges, which also included American content producer Kelli Erdman, Mythbusters star and special effects designer Adam Savage, VFX artist and engineer Wren, and Sofyank—who had his hands restrained for 30 minutes as “punishment”—were astounded by his visual effects.

“I’m really appreciative. Thank you so much, my feet are shaking right now,” Sofyank remarked after being named the winner.

It truly is a sight to see when the dreams come true. And Sofyan has been lucky to get the opportunity to not just meet his idol but create content with him!

“After eight years of sharing videos on social media for everyone’s entertainment, this time, I present to you a special collaboration with my idol @zachking.

In the clip, King—known for his magic vines—served Sofyank a cup of coffee, which turned into a piece of cake, before she grabbed for the menu board and was met with a serviette instead. Over 13.2 million people have watched the video on King’s TikTok account, and one million people have liked it.

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Since he was a young child, Sofian has been traveling and taking pictures worldwide. In 2015, he began posting his images to Instagram, where he immediately developed a following because of his distinctive style and beautiful photography.

The main themes of Sofiyan’s content are optical deceptions, magic tricks, and special effects, which have captured the interest of viewers from all over the world. His pictures and films are consistently visually spectacular and very interesting, which frequently leaves his admirers in awe and wondering how he manages to accomplish such feats.

Content Like his Idol Zach

Sofiyan has been making content for some time now and he is good with it. The creator has a following of 940K and makes content that is like his idol. The creator adds his magic to the content and makes sure to keep it authentic.

In the social media sphere, Sofiyan has grown to be a powerful influencer who encourages many others to follow their interests in the visual arts and special effects. He has a devoted following because of his innovation and distinctive approach, making him one of the most intriguing digital content creators to keep an eye on in the future.

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