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According to Meta Newsroom Blog, given the numerous controversies and questions surrounding Meta’s metaverse avatars, a user would think they’d want to lessen the emphasis on them for the time being, just until things start to take more shape.

But it’s clear that’s not the strategy Meta is following. It recently released a new set of Liverpool FC fan outfits for Meta avatars, giving you yet another way to personalize your digital twin across all its apps.

As per Meta:

“Today, Liverpool FC debuted a collection of virtual apparel that you can purchase in the Meta Avatars Store on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and later this year in virtual reality. The collection includes both a Liverpool FC home and away kit, as well as a pair of LFC label fashion wear looks.”

Meta launches new Avatar Fashion

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Please take note that as of right now, these new outfits are not accessible in VR. That could be a result of intense criticism directed at Meta’s virtual reality avatars for the company’s metaverse initiative in the wake of this post from Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Since Zuckerberg posted this picture, Meta, which has spent billions on VR development, had come under intense scrutiny for why its VR environment is so unappealing and why it seems like Zuckerberg was unaware of this when he posted the picture.

Zuckerberg clarified that the company’s avatar and virtual reality (VR) developments were much further along than they might have appeared, where he promised to demonstrate more at its Connect Conference.

At Connect, Meta did indeed display its updated avatars, which for the first time also featured legs on their virtual reality representations.

Legs are obviously very difficult for Meta to simulate because it has no way of tracking leg movement thanks to the lack of leg sensors in its VR headsets.

However, Meta is developing a new method called QuestSim that will use artificial intelligence to estimate what your legs are doing as you interact with the virtual reality environment.