If you have used Social Media then you know for a fact that you’re less than 10 seconds away from scrolling down and landing on a meme. Memes by far have been the most produced content across the whole Internet. Covering all genres, countries, trends, updates, information, people and a whole lot of other information, memes cater to everyone regarding everything. Possibly memes are the only thing that are accessible to everyone for free and via all the media channels.


Abhinav Arora, CMO of Avalon Meta and Anshuman Sharma, content creator at Tanmay Bhat’s Honestly (click here to know more about Honestly by Tanmay Bhat) sat down on the podcast: Sessions from Scenes by Avalon. To discuss the importance of meme marketing and breaking down this new viral trend of marketing. 


The dawn of meme culture has had a significant impact on the advertising industry. Firms have resorted to a new form of marketing known as Meme Marketing. It has been realised that, “Meme is the smallest cultural unit” capable of reaching millions in just a second.

As simple as the tactic may sound, it is also important to understand that the user will not spend more than a second on the meme so the entire information has to be conveyed to him/her via that square or rectangular post. This is where all the creativity is put to test. Over the podcast the duo discusses what goes into creating the one true marketing meme and how “analogy” plays an important role in this entire marketing trend.

Full of insights and detailed discussion the podcast gets interesting with each passing minute and it is a must listen for everyone (not only the memers).