Masoom Minawala, one of the most prominent fashion creators in the creator business, is a household name. Her Indian roots along with her global exposure have always helped her stand out in the crowd. However, not only is her fashion choices the talk of the town but her personal life is also something people idolise. After being married to the love of her life, Masoom and Shalin Mehta had a baby boy a few years later. Now this adorable family is all set to grow with two feet and two hands, as they announce their second pregnancy.

Creator Masoom Minawala announces second pregnancy

Baby Number 2

Through an adorable video, Masoom Minawala shared the news of her pregnancy with her Instagram fam. Before sharing the reel, she shared her excitement through a series of photos, first a solo picture stating, “I have news” and then a picture with Shalin saying, “We have news.” Soon after, she drops the adorable video along with Shalin and Zavi to disclose the pregnancy secret.

Following the popular trend, Shalin steps into the frame and his year of birth, 1990 flashes. Later, Shalin pulls Masoom into the frame and 1992 appears on the screen. Masoom then takes Zavi in her arms and 2022 is on the screen. Then she shows a picture of her ultrasound, revealing the news of baby number two entering their lives. 

Announcing the arrival of her baby, she writes in the caption, “And then there were 4. October 2024.” The video has given us all the feels and we truly cannot wait for them to turn into a family of 4. This time, however, we are rooting for a baby girl because who wouldn’t want a Mini Masoom, after all?!

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The creator fraternity and many Bollywood actors came forward to congratulate Masoom and Shalin for their little baby. Foodpharmer, SheTroubleMaker, and Masterchef Aruna are some of them who sent their wishes to the family. Bollywood New Gen actress Athiya Shetty also congratulated the couple. 

People flood the comments section after Masoom Minawala shares the news of second pregnancy

Masoom Minawala in her Personal Life

Surrounded by a loving family, Masoom Minawala’s extravagant wedding in 2017 with her childhood sweetheart, Shalin Mehta, set the benchmark for big fat Indian weddings. After an extremely happy marriage of 5 years, the couple took a big step forward in their relationship and they welcomed their baby boy, Zavi. Throughout her pregnancy journey and during the postpartum, Masoom embodied the spirit of a modern woman, beautifully juggling her new role as a mother and her professional life and has been an inspiration to many. 

Masoom Minawala in her Professional Space

Not only is her personal life worth applauding but Masoom Minawala is also a strong woman professionally. With a massive following on Instagram, Masoom today is one of the top content creators. Alongside, she is also an entrepreneur running multiple ventures. Recently, she has co-authored “She’ll Never Make It” an autobiography, making her impact all the more resounding. 

As the Minawala-Mehta family waits for the arrival of the little baby, we also have our excitement soaring. Meanwhile, we wish both the mother and baby tons of health and lots of good wishes to the entire family.