Manav Chhabra is one hard-working creator and he relentlessly strives to bring us the best content. He was excited about February being a leap year and decided to take on a “29 Collabs In 29 Days Challenge” with the hashtag #FebsAreForCollabs. Manav announced this on his Instagram and asked his followers to comment on who they wish to see him collaborate with.

Whether it’s acting, dancing, rapping, or being a fashion icon, Manav a.k.a. MNV is truly a king of all trades. True to his promise, MNV completed the “29 Collabs In 29 Days Challenge” by partnering with 29 distinct creators and creating content across genres. He dropped a reel every day in the month of February with a new creator, making his followers anticipate who would be next.

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Pulling this off would have been quite a task as content creators are always running busy. To plan, meet, shoot, edit, and finally put out the final reel is a super tough job but Manav made it all look so effortless. This is also a testament to his influence in the creator industry and the bonds he’s created.

manav chhabra 29 collabs in 29 days challenge content creators February instagram reels

As his ‘Challenge’ came to an end, we re-binged all of his reels and picked our top favourites from his 29 collaborations. Check them out:

MNV x Unnati

The fact that he did the first collab of his challenge with his girlfriend and creator Unnati Malharkar, is so adorable! Starting the month of love with a whole lot of love, Manav and Unnati, or as their fans call them Unnav, did a cute ‘get ready with us‘. The lovebirds picked an Indian outfit for each other as they got ready to go for an event.

MNV x Shivesh

Manav partnered with the super-talented chef Shivesh Bhatia to try out a “Viral Reel Dessert Recipe”. Together they made a Choco & Marshmallow Banana dessert and also did a taste test. Do you think they liked it or not?

MNV x Mohak Narang

The two extremely fashionable creators decided to style each other but here’s the catch – they have to work under a budget of Rs. 1000. Mohak and Manav head to the Sarojini Market and bargain for their lives. The end result is just breath-taking! You have to see for yourselves.

MNV x Ritvi Shah

A transition reel with the one who’s a pro at it, Ritvi Shah, surprised us all. The two of them executed a seamless transition going from western to a traditional fit real quick. The aesthetics, vibe, music, dance – everything is just so perfect!

MNV x Joh & Kay

Manav is a gift that keeps giving. He so casually dropped an all-new rap song as a part of this collab challenge. The talent house met Joh who challenged him to sing a rap and the two immediately got to it. With Joh’s music, Kanishka Lohar (Kay)‘s vocals, and Manav’s rap, this song titled “Gulak” turned out to be a banger!

MNV x Harleen Deol

Manav did a ‘super over challenge‘ with one of India’s best women’s cricket team players, Harleen Deol. Talk about iconic! The challenge was simple – a common bowler would bowl the ball to them and whoever made the most runs in an over, would win. Harleen of course smashed it out of the park by raining sixes and fours with a total score of 22 runs and Manav made 18 runs. The deal was that if Manav won, Harleen would have to do a bhangra dance and if she won, he would give her the jacket he was wearing, which he had to.

MNV x Shehzaan

It is super tough to manage their hectic schedules, and still be able to make time. Manav shot this quick dance reel on ‘Prem Ki Naiyya‘ with one of the most loved dance creators and choreographers, Shehzaan Khan. “He was in mumbai for hardly 4 hours, still said yes for the collaboration! 2 am in the night we met, 15 mins mien he made the choreo & 15 mins mien we shot it and after that he immediately left to the airport for his next trip! WHAT A GUY!” shared MNV.

MNV x Amulya

This was a fun twist to the usual ‘Styling Challenge’. Along with Amulya, Manav headed to a Zara store to carry out this challenge. He had to create an outfit for her by picking clothes from the men’s section while she had to do the same for him from the Zara Women section. The final looks for both were quite impressive!

MNV x Darshan

This was one collab we didn’t see coming! Mnv made an emotional music video with guess who as the singer. It was none other than the Internet sensation Darshan. He rose to popularity with his viral non-melodious covers of popular songs. His collaboration with Darshan was quite epic!

MNV x Being Suku

Manav and Sakshi Keswani a.k.a. Being Suku produced a cinematic and conceptual reel, where they tried to portray a story of two best friends who started off hating each other but eventually, their bond became inseparable. This is such a well shot and executed content piece!

MNV x His Mom

This has got to be the cutest collab ever. Manav always celebrates the day before Valentine’s Day with his mom and this time he made it extra special. They recreated some adorable old pictures of theirs after which he got her flowers and took her out for lunch. Unnati, her mother and sister also joined them. They gifted Manav’s mom beautiful jewellery which she loved and immediately tried on. Later, Manav also gifted her gold earrings from Tanishq. His mom was overwhelmed with all the love, it was so precious to watch!

MNV x Manisha

This was so cool! Manav has known Manisha for quite some time now and he lauds her talent. The two of them collaborated to create a makeup look for Manav. The challenge was that Manisha would pick two different makeup products and Manav would have to pick one with his eyes shut. Check out the final look and Manisha’s surprise for him in the end.

Apart from these amazing collaborations, Manav also partnered with creators like Tanzeel, Naveen Sharma, Saransh Golia, Rishabh Chawla, Jissa Paul, Nagma Mirajkar, Gopali Tiwari, Sanket Mehta, Ashi Khanna, Adv. Arsh, Dharmik Samani, Dharna, Downtown Bhangra, Arun Singh (thejhumroo), Chirag Khanna, and Nanu Hayer.

He further compiled the entire month’s collabs in a reel. What do you think about Manav Chhabra’s 29 Collabs in 29 Days Challenge? Let us know in the comments below!