Maleesha Kharwa is 15 years old content creator, a model and an inspiration to millions of people around the world. Forest Essentials, a premium skincare brand, featured Maleesha Kharwa in their latest campaign to unveil the ‘Yuvati ritual box.’ The video of her seeing herself as the face of Forest Essentials is so heartwarming and surely can strengthen one’s beliefs in their dreams.

Before Maleesha Kharwa became “The Princess from the  Slum”

Maleesha Kharwa was an ordinary girl living an ordinary life in the slums of Bandra, Mumbai. However, there was something distinct in her that made her stand out in the crowd. It was her courage to dream and her determination to fulfil her dreams. Maleesha loved what she had and owned her identity with the most beautiful smile.

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Her distinct quality of dreaming big and yet loving her present, drew Robert Hoffman, the Step Up 2 actor to her, while he was stuck in India during the pandemic. Like Shahrukh Khan said in Om Shanti Om, the universe aligned to make Maleesha’s dream come true and Hoffman made an Instagram page for her which now has over 200K followers.

Maleesha Soon became “The Princess From The Slum” and embarked on the journey of becoming a Supermodel.

The Face ruling the world 

Since then Maleesha has appeared on many magazine covers and newspaper articles including the October 2020 issue of The Peacock where she is seen wearing a pale pink Falguni Shane and Peacock dress and on the cover page of Cosmopolitan, a pioneer Fashion and Lifestyle magazine . She has also been the muse behind many photoshoots and has worked with big makeup artists in India.

The Film Subject

One thing for sure is there is no stopping Maleesha Kharwa. Her story is not just inspirational but looks like a carefully weaved plot for a movie and when Arsal Qureshi and Jas Sagu met her, they knew she had to reach places and they could be the perfect catalyst in her growth. That is how “Live Your Fairy Tale” saw the light of the day.

Live Your Fairy Tale is a story which depicts the raw emotions of Maleesha’s life. Her bond with her Father, her camaraderie with her brother and her playfulness with her friends, the film captures it all. The film shows Maleesha and her friends visiting a restaurant for the first time in their lives and the excitement around it. In the description of the documentary there is a line that says, There are no actors in this film but people living a different day in their lives.” and we think this is the best way to describe it.

Maleesha As The Face of Forest Essentials

Maleesha’s radiating skin, and her expressive eyes show what a real beauty she is. In a country that is obsessed with light skin tone, Maleesha’s beauty might irk a few beauty notions but she breaks these stereotypes with her uninterrupted smile. 

After being a part of Forest Essentials campaign she has proved that her dreams are too big to be overshadowed by petty notions and it is her world that we are living in.

She speaks with so much confidence in the video, like she was always meant to do this. Her kindness is reflected through her work and she is surely going to disrupt the industry. 

The Road Ahead

The growing love and increasing work is proof that she is only going to grow and glow from here. Her dreams for her family and for her future now no longer look unattainable and we only wish the best for her.