Live Insaan, who you may also know as Triggered Insaan, is a YouTuber named Nischay Malhan who has covered a wide range of topics. His channel comes with a variety of content, including live streaming, games, hilarious videos, and challenges. His channel, which has over 6 million subscribers, is well-known and well-liked by the audience. But we’re here today to speak about his most recent video, which is currently trending at number 17 on YouTube and has over 3 million views. So, without spending any more time, how about we discuss about the video?

Google is one such search engine which is widely popular and consumed in masses. But do you know what people search and how funny some searches are? Well, that is what is covered in the video, ‘Funniest Things People Search on Google [Google Feud vs Dad]’ by Nischay and his father. In this video, the father-son duo try to assume what the people search by completing a phrase. For e.g. ‘From what age can babies…’. You must assume what you think people search and if your answer is in the top 10 list of searches, you get a point.

Watch this video to know what gross things people are obsessed with and to find out who wins! Try guessing with them to check if your answers are in the list of searches. And, until my pen writes more for you, don’t forget to check out content curated by Nischay for you by tapping HERE!