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According to LinkedIn’s Official Blog, a new ad campaign has been launched that aims to highlight the power of community on the platform, and how that can help to guide users in their career progression.

The campaign is now live in the UK, India, and Germany across various digital platforms, and the campaign will be aired for the whole month of June 2022. It represents LinkedIn’s growing membership as a dinner table conversation, where users can move their respective seats to find the discussions that best suit their interests.

LinkedIn has shared the stats of their blog page, which underlines this sentiment, with huge swathes of LinkedIn spending time reassessing and revaluating their lives and careers  – with 67% of people in the UK, 57% in Germany, and 82% in India considering a new challenge this year. We are a workforce that’s on the move and looking for a change.

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As seen, The campaign begins around a kitchen table as a woman ponders her career options, but is soon joined by an entire community of fellow professionals who too are navigating their future. As more people pull up chairs and even additional tables to join her, this reflects how LinkedIn celebrates every kind of career, from working parents to remote workers and side hustlers. The film draws to a close with the hero strapline: ‘Wherever your career is right now, there’s always a space for you.’ 

While the world of work has changed, the spirit of the LinkedIn community remains unchanged. They’ve seen a greater diversity of conversations taking place on LinkedIn with people reaching out to their community for help and support as they consider what’s next for them.

We wanted to celebrate this community spirit in our creativity and we hope it encourages more people to contribute to this wonderful community.

Maybe, now, LinkedIn would be considered users’ go-to place to engage in different types of discussions. As LinkedIn would be facilitating new career discussions and opportunities, via LinkedIn Eventsaudio rooms, InMail, etc.