What does a great collaboration sound like to you? We have one for you. Armaan Malik has collaborated with the English singer Ed Sheeran for a song. Malik and Sheeran collaborated on the song ‘2Step’.

Malik made a mark on the English music scene in 2020. Because of his hits, he was a natural fit for the international partnership. 

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The new song is out now, Check it out!

2Step is already on Ed’s album, Equal. In it, he speaks of the lows he has faced as an artist and finding strength in those he loved. Since he is so passionate about this song, he wanted to reach out to different artists across the world. His team reached out to Warner Music India, who identified me as the person they wanted to collaborate with,” Malik said.

“I was excited to talk about what I’ve gone through as an artist. A lot of stuff that was bottled up has been presented in this remix with Ed that we worked on, in a short span of time.” That the song may open doors for more Indian musicians is not lost on him. “I count this as a win for every Indian artiste. It [could be] a gateway for similar opportunities.”

Sheeran, the “man with the guitar,” has been a global force since the release of his debut album ‘Plus.’ Malik is delighted to discover that the two musical geniuses share a passion for experimentation now that they have collaborated. “He never sticks to one genre and is always trying out new things, be it with Perfect (2017), Thinking Out Loud (2014), or The A-Team (2011). I am also often asked about approaching different genres. That’s how I would like it to be because I don’t want to be restricted to one style of music.”

Armaan has sung many originals which have been hit among the audiences and his fans.

One of Armaan’s original song

With the latest number, he has ventured into new territory. “It has a hip-hop feel to it. I [had to] bend my artistry, and let people hear me in a manner that they haven’t so far. When you get a collaborator like Ed who gives you space, you enjoy the freedom to be as creative as you like.”