LinkedIn wants to make users’ profiles more visually appealing, which will undoubtedly please the many people who have criticized the platform’s format, which hasn’t changed significantly over the years.

A user’s Activity area now presents images, videos, and articles in a more aesthetically pleasing manner, giving you more options for incorporating visual elements into your profile presentation.

As you can see from these illustrations, visitors to your profile will now be able to view particular components of your activity, each of which is presented in a more aesthetically appealing manner.

LinkedIn introduces new Visual display elements and Newsletter scheduling tools

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As per LinkedIn: “Whether it’s images, videos, newsletters, or documents, you get to choose the content type your Activity section shows first.”

This new experience will be available to all members in the next few weeks and we hope that as a result your network will quickly find and engage with your content, leading to more professional connections and opportunities.”

That might encourage many people to update their LinkedIn profile and make sure they’re presenting themselves in the best possible light. You might also want to think about uploading video content to complete this aspect and generate the most interest.

Although it might take a little more work, it’s a good update that fits better with the general shift towards visual elements on social media platforms and could be a great way to make your LinkedIn profile stick out.


In addition, LinkedIn recently improved subscription choices to speed up newsletter sign-ups, added SEO titles for newsletters and stories, and more. These are some useful updates that will give you more options for maximizing your LinkedIn presence and expanding your app community.

The biggest update, however, relates to profiles, so it may be time to update your LinkedIn page to better reflect these new possibilities.