Gone are the times when going to YouTube was only for entertainment. Now you can learn there and be an expert (partially) in anything you wish to be if you find the right tutor, mentor, and channel.

YouTube has grown in popularity as a tool for education and learning, providing a plethora of knowledge on just about every subject. YouTube offers access to a huge variety of educational materials that can be accessed from anywhere at any time, ranging from lectures and TED presentations to tutorials and instructional films.

Learning on YouTube has several advantages. Accessibility to content also provides a variety of options and the freedom to watch the content whenever and wherever you choose. Several YouTube creators and educators produce an interesting and interactive videos that can keep students engaged in the subject and motivated to study.

Here are six YouTube channels with varied content that might help you gain knowledge.

Andrew Huberman

Andrew Huberman shares his knowledge of neuroscience and psychology with the public on his well-liked YouTube channel, “Huberman Lab.” He publishes instructional material on his channel, including lectures, interviews, and Q&A sessions, on a variety of subjects pertaining to the brain, behavior, and mental health.

Because of Huberman’s engaging and educational teaching style, his YouTube channel has established itself as a valuable source for those curious about the brain and the mind. One of the most well-liked instructional YouTube channels is Huberman Lab.

Crash Course

John and Hank Green are the creators of the well-known educational YouTube channel Crash Course. Courses on a variety of topics, including history, physics, literature, economics, and more, are available on the channel. Each lesson is delivered in a fun and exciting manner, complete with animated graphics and engaging narration.

With over 14.5 million subscribers, the Crash Course channel is well-known for its interesting and educational programming. It is a fantastic tool for students of all ages who want to learn more about a variety of subjects in an engaging and approachable way.

Kurzgesagt- In a nutshell

The YouTube channel Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell produces animated educational videos on a range of subjects, like science, technology, philosophy, and more. A group of designers, writers, and musicians based in Munich, Germany, founded the channel in 2013.

Videos by Kurzgesagt are renowned for their distinct animation style, succinct and understandable explanations, and thoughtful study of challenging concepts. The channel has more than 20 million subscribers and is renowned for its excellent visuals and content. It is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to learn about a variety of topics in an interesting and approachable way.

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Ali Abdaal

Popular YouTuber Ali Abdaal makes videos about productivity, study skills, personal growth, and other topics. He has been producing videos on YouTube since 2017 and is a doctor living in the UK.

The videos of Ali Abdaal are well-known for their useful counsel and captivating delivery. He frequently offers advice on how to learn better, stay motivated, and use time more effectively. With more than 2 million members, his channel has emerged as a go-to source for professionals and students looking to increase productivity and accomplish their objectives. In addition to running a YouTube channel, Ali Abdaal also hosts podcasts and publishes books on productivity and education.

National Geographic

The channel has garnered praise from critics for its excellent programming and has won multiple awards for its documentaries and programs. Everyone who wants to learn more about the globe they live in and develop a greater grasp of the natural and cultural beauties of our planet should definitely check it out.

Videos about history, science, wildlife, and exploration can be found on the National Geographic YouTube channel. To inform viewers about a variety of subjects, including animal behavior, natural phenomena, environmental challenges, cultural customs, and much more, they use breathtaking graphics and captivating storytelling.


Popular YouTube channel FreeCodeCamp offers free programming and web development tutorials. Quincy Larson started the channel in 2014, and since then it has developed into one of the most well-liked online resources for learning to code.

The tutorials, coding exercises, and projects on FreeCodeCamp’s YouTube channel assist users in developing practical web programming skills. Since the information is provided in a step-by-step manner, newcomers may easily follow along and study at their own pace. They go over many different subjects, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, data structures, algorithms, and much more.

FreeCodeCamp provides a comprehensive web development curriculum that may be accessible online in addition to its YouTube channel.

Learning through YouTube has many advantages and can be a useful approach to picking up knowledge and new abilities. Yet it’s crucial to approach YouTube learning critically and to pick your sources carefully. Learners can maximize the benefits of the YouTube resources at their disposal and accomplish their learning objectives with an organized study plan and a dedication to maintaining focus.