Internet stars are a thing right now. They are at the forefront of every trend and wear the golden crown at almost every big event in the world. How did these internet celebrities become so big? One of the first people to become and to glamorise internet celebrities was Kim Kardashian. Kim became famous solely for living her life and slowly expanded her role, becoming one of the biggest names. Today, in her hat of first, she adds yet another feather, for being the first woman to win the “GQ Men of The Year” title because of her massive entrepreneurial success SKIMS. The “Tycoon” rightfully stands at par with ‘the other men.’ This however, has drawn the interest of netizens. While some call it a big shift in gender narratives, some express their dismay of calling an exemplary woman like Kim, a man, belittling her role because of her gender.

Kim Kardashian as GQ Men Of the Year

GQ Men Of The Year

Kim Kardashian, the renowned reality TV icon and businesswoman, received recognition as one of GQ’s Men of the Year for 2023. Sharing the news on Instagram, Kardashian was celebrated as the Tycoon of the Year by the magazine. The feature interview, conducted alongside her mother Kris Jenner and sisters Kourtney and Khloé, delved into her business venture SKIMS, family life, and her late father, Robert Kardashian.


The title of “tycoon” was attributed to Kardashian due to SKIMS’ partnership with the NBA as their official partner and the launch of a men’s line. In a press release celebrating the achievement, Kardashian expressed her immense pride in SKIMS’ partnership with the NBA, highlighting it as a impactful. She remarked, “I am incredibly proud of SKIMS partnership with the NBA, as it is a reflection of SKIMS growing influence on culture. Together, SKIMS and the NBA will connect people of all backgrounds through fashion, sport, and talent, and I look forward to seeing the partnership thrive.”

This collaboration, seen as a significant milestone for the brand, is anticipated to bridge diverse communities through the amalgamation of fashion, sports, and talent. Kardashian eagerly anticipates the growth and success of this partnership, foreseeing its potential to resonate across varied demographics and unify individuals from different walks of life.

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The GQ Photoshoot

The photoshoot accompanying the GQ feature showcased Kardashian in predominantly masculine attire, playfully challenging traditional male stereotypes and highlighting her influence in the business world. Her inclusion in GQ’s Men of the Year roster solidifies her success as a thriving entrepreneur.

Mixed Reactions

The GQ photoshoot however have received mixed reaction. While most comments on Kim’s post sharing the news are positive, calling her “Boss Babe” and encouraging her to touch newer heights, ones that never have been charted by a woman.

On the other hand, then when shared by GQ’s official social media handle, received some backlash. Many were upset over the fact that Kim was title “Men of the year” over so many successful men. There was also a section who find using Man for a Woman, problematic.

Raging Success

Despite varied reactions to the photoshoot, Kardashian’s acknowledgment as Tycoon of the Year by GQ further solidifies her status as a successful entrepreneur. SKIMS’ staggering $4 billion valuation and recent milestones, such as the men’s line launch and collaboration with Swarovski, attest to its unparalleled success.

Kim Kardashian’s journey is not any ordinary business personnel’s journey but that of a modern tycoon. Her futuristic approach in her business and her humanitarian emphasis in her personal life are a proof of her intellect and skills.