Bollywood and its songs weave a magic of its own, captivating millions along the way. From soulful renditions to foot-tapping numbers, Bollywood has a song for every mood. It is almost impossible to remain still when a Bollywood number plays. Little did we know these catchy tunes would gain popularity beyond the borders of India. Kili Paul and Neema Paul, a brother-sister duo from Tanzania are smitten by Bollywood music and are often seen lip-sinking and grooving to these songs. The duo do not only limit themselves to dancing to Hindi film industry numbers but have recently been seen wearing traditional Indian outfits as well. In these gorgeous outfits and with their perfect movements, Kili and Neema Paul’s dance moves have captivated millions of hearts and both of them now have fans across the globe.

Kili Paul & Neema Paul's dance on Bollywood songs

Understanding India through Songs

Kili Paul and Neema Paul are now household names in India and in many parts of the world. Both this brother and sister post regularly on Instagram and YouTube and have amassed a huge number of followers. While Kili has 5.2 million followers on Instagram, Neema has 704K people following her. The duo first started dancing and lip-syncing to trending Indian music and quickly became a viral sensation.

Kili and Neema are profoundly impressed by Indian culture and its traditions. Their growing love for the culture is very evident from their consistent performances on Indian songs. They did not only limit themselves to trending Indian music but took the time to explore both timeless masterpieces and contemporary music. It goes unsaid that songs and movies undoubtedly form an important part of our culture. Kili Paul and Neema Paul tried to understand India through its songs.

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Now Kili and Neema sway to the music of Bollywood as well as many Indian languages such as Bhojpuri, Punjabi, etc. Their videos reflect their growth and their understanding of India. Their movements are increasingly becoming more ‘Indian’ as well as their attire. When they first started, they would dance wearing traditional African fits, but recently Kili was seen adorning a gorgeous Kurta Pyjama set and Neema has worn both a Lehenga and a Anarkali suit. The duo looked very beautiful and we couldn’t stop ourselves from putting on a kala teeka.

Social Media sensation

With a huge number of followers and stellar engagement on various platforms, the duo are now social media celebrities. They are regularly showered with compliments for their dancing and lip-syncing abilities. Their moves are those of professional dancers and their perfect lip-syncs would put any Indian to shame.

Kili and Paul first danced to Raatan Lambiyan from the blockbuster movie Shershaah. While the movie created ripples in the industry for being a rock-solid hit, the song by Jubin Nautiyal echoed for days after and kept trending in the music charts and hearts of the people. Soon it became a popular audio on Instagram and everybody was keen to share their version. At the pinnacle of its charm, Kili and Paul posted their video and there has been no looking back since then. 

Celebrity favourites 

Kili Paul and Neema Paul are not just loved by people like us but are celebrity favourites too. While Kiara, Siddharth and Jubin reposted the Raatan Lambiyan video on their stories, Sunny Deol recently posted Kili and Neema’s reel on his Instagram feed where the siblings are seen dancing to the cult favourite Mein Nikla from Gadar. The video is so heartwarming to watch, bringing back tons of memories from our childhood days. Not only momentary recognition but Kili and Neema are also followed by many celebrities and famous personalities regularly on Instagram.

Political Recognition

The fandom of Kili Paul and Neema Paul extends much beyond the social media landscape. They have been loved and appreciated by politicians as well. Narendra Modi in the 86th episode of Mann Ki Baat appreciated the duo for their extraordinary take on Indian music and culture. The honourable Prime Minister could not stop admiring the brother and sister’s exceptional videos on social media.

More recently, The High Commission, as well as India’s Foreign Minister, Dr S Jaishankar, also met Kili Paul and Neema Paul at an event. The internet went crazy seeing the duo climb up the success ladder. Kili was also seen enjoying and imitating the dance steps with Indian women. 

Kili Paul and Neema Paul though hail from Tanzania, their love for India is remarkable. They prove that music and dance are universal forces that transcend beyond borders. The siblings show the power of these art forms and how they can bring people together, irrespective of their differences. We for sure never get enough of this duo and often find ourselves nose deep in their feed, viewing one reel after the other.