Karron Dhingra, the winner of the ‘Leading Fashion Influencer of the Year 19-20’ award, runs the Instagram profile, @theformaledit . A lawyer who became popular for giving guys grooming and fashion advice on TikTok and YouTube. As significant components of his content creation, his page concentrates around clothing, luxury, and grooming. So, shall we talk about what he has in store for us now? Here are five reasons why Karron is such a significant fashion influencer.

1. Styling Guide for a Skinny Guy

Styling tips of all kinds and types are something you will find on Karron’s profile. Be it styling a shirt in 4 ways, styling black suits, or anything else. His audience gets to not only learn about what looks good with what but also how layering works and what to wear on different occasions and hence, his styling game is known to be the strongest.

2. Grooming Basics: Identifying your Face Shape

Now coming to grooming, Karron educates his audience by starting from the scratch. He advises them to get to know their face structure so as to gauge how to groom and what kind of accessories will look good on them. He believes in imparting the knowledge he has acquired and hence, becomes an influencer, naturally.

3. Budget Shopping for the Summer

Most of the people have to think about a budget to cut before shopping and he is aware of it. Hence, he is seen to shoot and upload pictures where he showcases some of the best deals for various events and seasons. The best part is that these videos aren’t sponsored which shows that he genuinely believes in putting his best foot forward for his audience and becomes way more than a content creator.

4. Photoshoot and Poses

How should one pose, what should the background look like, is the lighting okay are some of the questions we all think of before clicking pictures and especially, when we want to upload it on our social media platforms. And, by shooting such videos he not only brings the solutions to the table but also becomes successful in making a place where anything from clothes, grooming, budget to a photo is what he covers.

5. Transition Tutorial

We have all been in awe of the transitions and keep watching some reels on loop to gauge a better understanding of how it is done. Just me? Not you? Okay then. But he, yet again, brings answers to the questions and in a way, encourages his audience to let them explore the new horizons of shooting. He helps in every field of clicking pictures, shooting to fashion styling and grooming and becomes someone everyone wants to follow and hence, leaves an impact.

So, with successfully adding value to the audiences’ lives, Karron naturally becomes a leading fashion influencer. He not only researches and ideates for his page but also imparts knowledge and encourages his audience to explore new paths and we are blessed to have someone like him. Lastly, we wish him all the best for the future endeavours and hope he gets whatever he wishes for. So until my pen writes more for you, why don’t you learn some tricks and try them out yourselves?