All “How I Met Your Mother” fans were overjoyed this weekend to know that their Ted Mosby i.e. Josh Radnor found “The One.” Josh tied the knot with the love of his life Jordana Jacobs on January 6, 2024. He dropped their dreamy snow-clad wedding pictures on his Instagram a few days ago making everyone tear up with joy.

Josh Radnor was elated to marry his girlfriend Jordana who is a clinical psychologist. The whirlwind wedding took place at the Cedar Lakes Estate in Hudson Valley, New York in the midst of a light blizzard! “I got married! Two weeks ago. In a *light* blizzard. It was an incredible overwhelming snowy bliss-filled weekend,” he revealed on Instagram with a series of photos from the couple’s celebration.

So grateful to so many people I love for making the trip to @thesistersofcedarlakes to be with us. To @forgedinthenorth for the extraordinary pictures. But most of all to Jordana. I can’t believe my great good fortune that I get to call this extraordinary woman my wife,” added Josh.

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Their Love Story

The ‘How I Met Your Mother‘ actor has admitted to being very “private” about his personal life, but he has opened up here and there over the years about his feelings on relationships. Last November, the actor-singer revealed his plans to exchange vows after playing his song “Brooklyn Girl” during his sold-out NYC tour stop ahead of the release of his new album Eulogy, Vol. I.

Radnor shared on stage that he wrote the song after meeting Jordana at his friend’s “psychedelic” event, adding, “In an unexpected twist, we’re getting married.” The Fleishman Is in Trouble actor revealed to The New York Times that he met Jordana at a sound meditation retreat in February 2022. “That’s her,” Radnor said a voice told him during the trip. “That’s your woman.” He and Jacobs began texting and calling one another immediately after the retreat.  

We were constantly in touch, sharing things we had written and things we had made,” he said. “Thoughts, feelings, insights.” In September 2023, Radnor revealed to PEOPLE that he had been sharing a home in Brooklyn with his fiancée while chatting about his new single “Learning”. His new album tackles the “full menu of emotions” from his life — including being “in love” — which is highlighted with his new cover album art.

He admitted in an interview with Page Six in November 2022 at the premiere of his miniseries ‘Fleishman Is in Trouble’ that he was in a happy relationship. “During the filming of this, I was very much newly with someone [who] I’m still with and continue to be very excited about,” he shared. 

“I feel more honest in this relationship than I’ve ever been and she is too,” he said. Josh further shared “We just are able to have these uncomfortable conversations without feeling like the relationship is threatened and… it’s going to blow everything up or we’re going to get in a big fight. We’ve been pretty brave about that. So, I’m really enjoying that.” 

They became engaged one morning in May in Joshua Tree, Calif. First, they meditated. Then Mr. Radnor casually suggested that they write each other love letters; his ended with a proposal. We doubt any proposal compares to ‘The Robin‘ from ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ but this is pretty sweet too!

The Snowy Wedding

Josh Radnor and Jordana Jacobs tied the knot outdoors at the beginning of this month, amid a snowstorm. Jordana looked like a princess in an A-line gown while Josh looked charming in a dark brown suit. Their 164 snow-drenched guests braved the 20-degree New York evening air as they lovingly chose to be a part of the couple’s big day.

The lovebirds read their vows which were 10 minutes long each to one another. Josh used his to share why he believed he had never been married before. “I look into the infinity of your green eyes, I know that my not having gotten married until now was not due to some brokenness in me,” he said. “The truth is, I didn’t get married until now because I was waiting for you.”

Doesn’t this sound exactly like something Ted Mosby would say? 🥹 The couple told the Times they wanted to get married before Radnor had to begin rehearsals for his Public Theater play The Ally, and that cursed date was the only one that worked. “We decided we would rebrand Jan. 6,” Radnor said.

Since their relationship started at a sound meditation ceremony, they planned for the wedding weekend to reflect the concept of “set and setting,” which, in the psychedelic context, refers to the interaction between one’s emotional and mental state and the physical environment. On the morning of the wedding, there was a yoga session followed by a sound meditation.

Josh Radnor Jordana Jacobs snow wedding New York How I Met Your Mother guests

And then in an attempt to stimulate the senses, the ceremony was called to take place outside in the bracing cold at dusk. After the ceremony, Radnor knelt on the ground and blow-dried his wife’s literal cold feet. “The snow was two things,” Radnor said. “Cold and anxiety-producing, but also cosmic and divine.

Not even a snowstorm, which had been predicted by meteorologists for days, could thwart the couple’s intentions. Neither slippery driving conditions nor ice chunks accumulating on hairdos and beards could keep their guests away. They bundled up and headed into the evening storm. “We’re like the post office,” said Alyson Hannigan a.k.a. Lily, one of the groom’s “How I Met Your Mother” co-stars.

HIMYM Fans Assembled!

 The iconic sitcom’s fans thronged the comments section of Josh Radnor’s post announcing the wedding. And they did not disappoint with everyone recalling the show and reiterating references from it. Channelling their inner Barney Stinson, one fan wrote, “This marriage is gonna be Legen… wait for it…” Referencing his famous dialogue from the show, another fan wrote, “Kids, I’m gonna tell you an incredible story.

Josh Radnor Jordana Jacobs snow wedding New York

One fan asked the most important question, “I have to ask, did she have a yellow umbrella?” much like Ted’s wife in the show. “I bet he will tell his kids about this,” wrote another. GIFs of Robyn crying, Marshall looking on with pride and more also made it under the post. A user commented, “Am I the only one who thought that was tracy” while another wrote, “Sometimes you just….find things“.

Our inner HIMYM fan is so emotional, happy, and pleasantly surprised, all at the same time. Our Ted Mosby finally found his “one!”