In a world where podcasts have become a powerful platform for inspiration and self-discovery, one name stands out among the rest – Jay Shetty. The former monk turned motivational speaker has carved a niche in the podcasting realm, touching the lives of millions through his thought-provoking insights and meaningful conversations. From his early days of self-discovery as a monk in India to becoming a global influencer, Jay Shetty’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. He adds another feather to his hat, and this time it’s a golden shining and shimmering one, as he welcomes the President of The United States of America, Joe Biden on his podcast.

Jay Shetty interviews Joe Biden


Carving a Niche

Through his widely acclaimed podcast, On Purpose with Jay Shetty, he has hosted a diverse array of guests, including experts, advocates, and thought leaders from various fields. The podcast has become a beacon of inspiration, empowering individuals to embrace their authenticity and discover their purpose. However, none of his previous guests could have prepared the world for what came next – a historic and unprecedented interview with none other than the President of the United States, Joe Biden.

Joe Biden comes to On Purpose With Jay Shetty


A historic encounter

In a momentous move, Jay Shetty’s podcast welcomed President Joe Biden for an exclusive and candid conversation. This groundbreaking event marked the first time a sitting President Biden engaged in an in-depth interview on a podcast. Their exchange touched on critical topics that resonated with people from all walks of life, addressing the prevailing sense of anxiety and loneliness in the world today.

Jay Shetty meets President Joe Biden


Key takeaways from the episode

During the episode, President Joe Biden shared insights on the strength that comes from having a supportive family and offered invaluable lessons on leadership and empathy and how it is important to stand up for oneself and others. He candidly discussed the weight of decision-making and the significance of being present during challenging times. The conversation not only shed light on the President’s principles but also highlighted the importance of fostering understanding and openness on a global stage.

Advocating for mental health 

Following the release of the interview, Jay Shetty expressed profound gratitude for the overwhelming response. He emphasised the significance of this milestone in raising awareness about mental health, a topic that he passionately advocates for.

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His dedication to making mental health a priority resonated with a global audience, underscoring the power of meaningful conversations to inspire positive change.

Respecting diverse perspectives

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reception, Jay Shetty remained respectful of differing perspectives. He acknowledged that some may view the interview differently and extended appreciation for their viewpoints. His commitment to creating more understanding and openness through his work remains unwavering, driven by the desire to foster a world of empathy and learning.

An heartfelt exchange

In a heartfelt exchange,President Biden and Jay Shetty came together to share their deepest thoughts and emotions. Two very powerful men, having an unparalleled influence on the world, when they engage in an open and honest conversation, allowing vulnerability to shine through, it is truly a breakthrough one. In this moment, they connected on a profound level, exchanging not just words but also understanding and empathy. The exchange became a safe space where walls came down, and genuine feelings were expressed. It was a reminder of the power of human connection, as they held space for each other, offering support and comfort. This heartfelt exchange left an indelible mark on the viewers, reinforcing the beauty of authenticity and the strength of compassion in forging meaningful connections.


From his humble beginnings as a monk to becoming a world-renowned podcaster, Jay Shetty’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of purpose and authenticity. His dedication to inspiring millions and creating positive change through authentic connections continues to resonate with audiences worldwide. Through On Purpose with Jay Shetty, he has proven that impactful conversations can bridge gaps, bringing diverse voices together to foster empathy, growth, and unity.

In this momentous episode, Jay Shetty and President Joe Biden demonstrated that when inspiration meets politics, profound insights emerge. Their conversation transcended boundaries, uniting their shared values of purpose, empathy, and the pursuit of positive change. As Jay Shetty’s influence continues to reach new heights, he reminds us all that the power to create a better world lies within each and every one of us.