It is often said that the Internet is a dynamic world and it changes faster than the fastest. However, it still has a few favourites. Ajey Nagar, popularly known as CarryMinati, is a YouTube sensation who has managed to keep the social media platform on its toes. He has released his eighth rap single titled ‘Jalwa‘ which has broken all the records within an hour of its release. This mesmerising track apart from being a musical masterpiece is also a time capsule that takes listeners on a journey through time and puts one in the vicinity of the enigmatic Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra, at least the essence of her. With a creative blend of modern beats and ancient Egyptian themes, Jalwa is all set to be the biggest hit ever. 

Queen Cleopatra

When we think of a strong female leader, the name of Cleopatra echoes in the chambers of history. With an air of mystique and power, the Queen of the Nile remains one of the most iconic figures to have walked the face of Earth. The tales of her political hold, romance and unparalleled intelligence remain fresh even after hundreds of years. 

CarryMinati pays tribute to Cleopatra with Jalwa


A Contemporary Tribute

Cleopatra being the influential figure she was, has found a prominent space for herself through movies and documentary series. In fact, there is a Netflix series based on the life of the last pharaoh that was released this year. However, no tribute to date matches the energy of Jalwa. Ajay Nager, collaborates with his older brother Yash Nager AKA Wily Frenzy, to give a contemporary tribute to the Ancient leader. 

Cleopatra, a name synonymous with power and allure, is brought to life through CarryMinati’s Jalwa. The lyrics written by CarryMinati hail the Queen of Nile, speaking of her grace, her power and her hold on society during her reign. The rapper celebrates not just her physical beauty, but also her intelligence and the remarkable influence she wielded.

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Even though the words are to praise a woman of ancient times, it fits perfectly with the women of today who are hustling hard in the hustle culture. His track echoes this sentiment, celebrating the essence of a woman’s strength.

To further add to the charm of the music video, Yash Nager’s beats do the magic, who is the Music composer and Producer ofJalwa. His sound is sacked with traditional themes and modern beats. If one had to define Jalwa in a single phrase, we will borrow Yash Nager’s statement that aptly describes it. “This track was created keeping in mind a modern-age Cleopatra.”

The Crazy Numbers

Released across all major streaming platforms today, Jalwa is already making waves with its energetic beats. The video crossed more than 1 million views within an hour of its release. As we write this article, the video has 1.9 million views and is liked by 673K people. Safe to say, it has become a viral sensation and is sure to rule the charts and the hearts in the coming days.

Jalwa By CarryMinati creates a Storm On YouTube

A Fashion Statement

Apart from its excellent music and lyrics, the music video also stands out in terms of its style. The music video takes viewers on a visual journey, featuring CarryMinati and Wily Frenzy in a gothic look which is extremely stylish. Wearing contrasting colours White and Black respectively, they raise the temperature on the screen. Alongside, the lead dancer Vartika Jha and the other dancers also follow the theme with cream and gold outfits. 

CarryMinati and Wily Frenzy Look stylish in Jalwa

The A1 Crew

Rahul Shetty, known for his exemplary work on primetime shows such as Dance India Dance is the Director of Jalwa. Produced by Deepak Char with One Digital Entertainment managing the production, the music video is a work of art that complements the track’s thematic depth.

CarryMinati’s Previous Work

CarryMinati has dropped several memorable rap singles in the past, including ‘Yalgaar’, ‘Zindagi’, ‘Trigger’, ‘Warrior’, ‘Bye Pewdiepie’, ‘Vardaan’, and even featured in Salim-Sulaiman’s ‘Date Karle’. Each of these tracks has contributed to shaping his unique style and connecting him with his audience.

Jalwa stands as a testament to CarryMinati’s evolution as an artist. Through this track, he not only pays homage to historical greatness but also shows his growth and versatility as a musician. As it continues to make its mark on the charts, one can only wonder what other creative masterpieces CarryMinati has in store for the future.

If you haven’t watched Jalwa yet, watch now!