It’s a Girl Thing! The title itself has a fun ring to it, isn’t it? Know more about it as the event is coming close. The event filled with all things with empowering women and raising awareness but with a hint of fun!

The organization started as a want to shed light on what it really means to be a female in a culture where young women are constantly instructed on how they should behave, look, and think. After that, shine it everywhere.

That is why they began the work. It’s a Girl Thing. It’s a platform with a purpose where ladies may assemble and rejoice in everything joyous and significant about it. After organizing a unique entertainment meets education festival every year since 2016 to make this fun concept a reality, they are back this year!

With multiple successful events around the country and even in Singapore and Manila, It’s a Girl Thing is back with its interesting fun offline event in Mumbai this year.

India will once again celebrate sisterhood, community, and girl power in February. IAGT India makes its on-ground debut with a day-long celebration at MMRDA Grounds on February 4th, followed by the IAGT India Run (5KM) in Mumbai on February 5th, 2023, after three influential online editions.

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Stars at the event

With leading names of women empowerment from varied fields like YouTubers and social speakers to conversations that need to happen, the event is going to cover all of it. These are the star ladies who will be part of this event.

Aarya Jadhao (QK), Aashna Bhagwani, Anisha Dixit, Ankita Chawla (Hustle Rani), Aranya Johar, Divija Bhasin, Dr. Divya Vora, Dolly Singh, Dridha, Eshna Kutty, Faye D’Souza, Gopali Tiwari, Gurleen Pannu, Gurmeher Kaur, Ishita Sharma (MukkaMaar), Janice Sequeira, Kamakshi Khanna, Larissa D’Sa, Mallika Dua, Mansi Ugale, Mehak Mirza Prabhu (Tape A Tale), Navya Naveli Nanda, Payal Dhare (Payal Gaming), Pooja Dhingra, Prajakta Koli (Mostly Sane), Prashasti Singh, Priya Malik, Priyam Saha, Rashmi Chadha, Sayali Rai (FinCocktail), Scherezade Shroff, Sejal Kumar, Sheena Khalid, Shraddha Jain (Aiyyo Shraddha), Shreeja Chaturvedi, Srishti Dixit, Srishti Garg, Srushti Tawade, Suhani Shah, Sumaira Shaikh, Sumukhi Suresh, Swastika Rajput, Urooj Ashfaq, Vagmita Singh.

Here’s a little snippet of something that the page shared with Priya Malik, the famous poet-artist who will make you fall in love with the movement they are starting and organizing.

Anybody who is attending the event gets to meet the sensational artists from their trending fields and what better than the ones who make sure you are updated and speaking up for your choices.