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There are very few people in the world who can put a smile on your face through a screen. I would say, such people are blessed with the extraordinary trait of spreading happiness and making the world a tad bit better. The Social Nation team had the chance to chat with one such beautiful content creator who can make your day with her infectious smile, chirpy personality, inspiring confidence and unparalleled talent – Sai Godbole. If you haven’t watched Sai’s viral 10 accents in a minute challenge yet, you, my friend, are missing out, because this girl has only just started, and we bet she is here to stay and slay! 

We got a chance to know Sai more than just the actor, singer, dancer and creator, through one of the most cheerful interviews we’ve had in our studio. Read further as we present excerpts from our interview with this gorgeous human…

SN: Can we know the secret behind all these accents? 

S: So, when I started singing while growing up, I loved the way Taylor Swift and the One Direction crew sounded in their albums. I realised that their accents are different. Later, I travelled to Australia and spoke to locals in an Australian accent which made my accent powerful.

SN: Your reels are super entertaining, what made you take the route of content creation?

S: Initially, I just wanted to do something with my various accents so my friends suggested putting my videos on Instagram. I made multiple reels and started posting them online. My videos received a lot of love which motivated me to keep going ahead with the reels. My manager also helped and pushed me to keep adding such content which eventually turned into a content creation. I love making reels with multiple accents which are immensely loved by the audience. 

Sai Godbole Exclusive Interview On Our Radar Content Creator Dancer Singer Actor

SN: As a singer, was there any particular genre that you were inclined towards? Also, any artists that motivated you?

S: There are so many of them and of course, international artists because I was heavily influenced by the Western way of everything, the way they talk, the way they sing, so Western music I learnt by myself. My parents encouraged me to learn classical singing since I was 8 years old. During my childhood, I used to get a little bored about going to classical singing class but it has proved to be so helpful and the people who have genuinely inspired me are Indian artists. The way they sing, the West can’t even compete.

SN: Can you name a few Indian artists who have inspired you?

S: Lata Mangeshkarji, Kishore Kumarji, Ashaji, and now of course, Shreya Ghoshal, Arijit Singh. 

SN: What was your dream job as a child and does it align with what you are doing currently?

S: I mean the dream job is always to own a chocolate factory and an amusement park. Just kidding but seriously, the dream job was always to be an artist, honestly, acting, singing and dancing, I just wanted to do everything. I am really grateful that I get to do it and people are really supportive and appreciative of that.

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SN: Congratulations on being a valedictorian, how was that experience?

S: So I am an acting graduate and it was such a beautiful experience. I was a little sceptical about how they will teach acting but my parents really encouraged me to get trained in the art of acting. So college was fun apart from COVID and then I received a call from faculty that I was selected as a valedictorian unanimously by all of them. And I was so excited because Gwen Stacy in Spiderman was a valedictorian so I was like Oh My God! I had to write a speech to summarise my life in college in 3 minutes but my speech was a whole 9 minutes long.

Content Creator Sai Godbole Influencer Dancer Singer Interview

SN: So what can we expect in the future? Can you spill the beans on whether we can see you on the big screen?

S: Umm, I can’t reveal much.. But there may be a silver screen debut soon. So definitely that is the goal and you can definitely expect a lot of quality content coming your way.

One takeaway from our chat with Sai is that there is nothing that can ever replace pure talent, consistency and hard work. We wish her nothing but good luck and hope she keeps sprinkling her magic wherever she goes.