The world today is undergoing a massive shift. GenZ and Gen Alpha are more career-oriented and have seamlessly blended their passion with their profession. However, with new career choices emerging at the speed of light, navigating the path can get tricky. Career guides become the knights in shining armour who hold one’s hand on this slippery path. One such creator who is at the forefront of this army is Miti Shah. A GenZ herself, she better understands the problem of the individual today and helps them figure out their path at the early stages. Apart from being the guiding light, she is also a speaker and has shared her words of wisdom at multiple prominent places. As a content creator who is steadily rising to fame, Miti helps others build their digital presence by being a social media entrepreneur.

International Literacy Day with Miti Shah


On 8th September every year, the world celebrates International Literacy Day to discuss the grappling issue of illiteracy across the globe. To contribute our bit, we spoke to Miti Shah, a career guide and speaker about the issue of illiteracy and how the youth today can use their education as a tool of empowerment and as a bridge to growth and development. Presenting the enriching chat with Miti. 

Miti Shah on International Literacy Day


SN: Can you tell us a little about yourself and your content?

Miti: Absolutely! I’ve been on this content creation journey for nearly 3 years now. Back in 2020, I took a plunge into the world of social media content creation. My content has a simple but powerful mission – it’s all about empowering, educating, mentoring, and motivating college students and young adults. I dive into various topics, including internships, job opportunities, resume building, early career opportunities and essential life skills. But what makes it unique is that it’s also my digital diary where I’m as authentic as possible. I love sharing snippets of my personal life as I talk about my experiences, learnings and research. In addition to my content creation journey, I’m simultaneously building my own social media management agency!

SN: As a Career Mentor, what are some of the challenges you see most common in today’s GenZs?

Miti: In my experience, the challenges that often pop up among GenZs are multifaceted. Firstly, motivation can sometimes be lacking. It’s not always easy to stay driven with so many distractions. Secondly, there’s intense competition with peers, which can be overwhelming. Lastly, a mindset shift is crucial. GenZs need to understand that their career journey is a marathon, not a sprint. I’m a GenZ myself, haha, and I can say these things only after making my fair share of mistakes and learning from them. 

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SN: Since you work with individuals in the early stages of their careers, can you discuss the impact of education on job search, resume building, and interview success?

Miti: Education is like the foundation of a building – essential but not the entire structure. It provides you with the basics, which are crucial for your career journey. However, in today’s dynamic job market, simply having a degree won’t cut it. Your ability to translate that education into practical skills is equally important. Your education helps build your resume, but it’s the skills you’ve gained and your ability to showcase them that impresses during interviews.

SN: As today is International Literacy Day, do you think having a day like this has any significance in the real world?

Miti: Absolutely, and let me explain why. Days like International Literacy Day hold tremendous significance. They serve as reminders of crucial issues like literacy. Social media platforms and digital publications like y’all, Social Nation, play a pivotal role in spreading awareness. Even small ripples can create meaningful change. So, these days really do make a tangible difference by shining a spotlight on important matters.

SN: The literacy rate in India has improved over the years but unemployment has only worsened. Do you think our education does not prepare us for our jobs?

Miti: It’s an interesting dynamic. Education remains a cornerstone of personal growth and national development – we can’t underestimate that. However, the shift in unemployment rates signals that there’s more to the equation. While education is vital, it’s not the sole solution. Today’s job market demands a combination of education, practical skills, and a mindset ready to adapt. Upskilling, which complements traditional education, plays a pivotal role.

SN: How do you think we can make our education system more job-friendly or more practical than merely theoretical?

Miti: Transforming our education system into a more job-friendly and practical one is a goal worth pursuing. One approach is to emphasize experiential learning, allowing students to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. Hands-on projects, seminars, and job shadowing can bridge the gap between theory and practice. It’s about equipping students with experiences and learnings that they can readily use in their careers.

SN: What role do you think digital literacy plays in modern career development?

Miti: Digital literacy is undeniably important in today’s job landscape. However, it’s not just about knowing how to use digital tools; it’s about leveraging them effectively. Digital literacy can be a double-edged sword – it offers opportunities, but it also requires critical thinking to navigate the landscape. So, it’s an essential piece of the puzzle that needs to be complemented properly.

SN: As career guide content creators, what can one do to address literacy disparities on a national and global scale?

Miti: Beyond content creation, content creators have a unique platform to drive change. It’s about taking on projects that actively promote literacy, collaborating with platforms that share this mission, and working directly to reduce disparities. Creating awareness is the first step, but meaningful action, such as volunteering or partnering with organizations, can create a lasting impact.

SN: How do you think a populous country like India can improve its literacy?

Miti: Improving literacy in a populous country like India is indeed a challenge. A comprehensive approach would involve investing in quality education, expanding access to digital resources, and promoting community involvement. It’s a collaborative effort that requires the government, educational institutions and members of our society to work together to uplift literacy levels.

SN: Many of your videos focus on LinkedIn. Do you think it is an important tool for empowerment?

Miti: Absolutely! LinkedIn is a powerful tool for empowerment due to its networking capabilities. It connects individuals with industry professionals, mentors, recruiters, and potential clients. Opportunities often stem from these connections, and that empowerment can lead to significant personal and professional growth. 

Additionally, LinkedIn has evolved to be more user-friendly, with more and more people contributing to it by creating content.

SN: There’s a line in the ‘About’ section of your LinkedIn profile that caught our eye. It says, ‘If you never try, you’ll never know!’ Is this your mantra for life?

Miti: You’ve got it right! I firmly believe that the magic in life happens when we step out of our comfort zones and if you don’t step out of it and try something, you will never experience that magic.

No action is big or small and Miti Shah has been constantly proving this. With her videos, she helps people make more informed choices about their careers. With small knacks, she helps decode the complex world and brings people closer to their dream job. She is your one-stop solution to know about the secrets of LinkedIn or the latest Government Internship. This International Literacy Day, follow her now, to earn better 😉