In recent years, the culinary world has witnessed a surge in the popularity of Indian cuisine, with its rich flavours, diverse ingredients, and vibrant spices capturing the attention of food enthusiasts worldwide. International food bloggers have played a significant role in promoting and showcasing the wonders of Indian gastronomy to global audiences. Their exploration of Indian cuisine has not only shed light on its traditional dishes but also highlighted the country’s cultural heritage and culinary diversity. Today we will explore the experiences of 3 international content creators as they embark on their gastronomic journey through the flavours of India.

International Food Bloggers love Indian Spices for Indian Cuisine
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International food bloggers who venture into the realm of Indian cuisine quickly discover the vast array of flavours and culinary traditions that exist within the country. Indian cuisine boasts a rich tapestry of traditional recipes passed down through generations. This allows International good bloggers to uncover hidden gems and reimagine them with their cooking techniques. Presenting, three international bloggers who share an unbreakable bond with Indian cuisine.

Jake Dryan

From the aromatic curries of the North to the spicy delicacies of the South, each region in India offers a distinct and diverse culinary experience and Jake Dryan realised this soon. Jake Dryan, a chef based out of London, immersed himself in the local Indian culture by interacting with Indian delicacies and exploring the rich heritage behind each dish. He not only provides valuable insights into the flavours but also reveals the cultural significance of food in Indian society.

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To date, Jake has prepared food from many states including the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan etc. He has created a weekly series, in which he prepares dishes from the particular state throughout the week. His most recent state is Assam, from where he draws inspiration for his latest dish Boror Tenga. His Indian State recipes have made him quite a star on social media with 947K followers on Instagram. Jake has covered 13 states already and we cannot wait for him to conquer all the states with his culinary mastery.


Indian cuisine has a rich tradition of plant-based cooking, making it naturally appealing to vegan bloggers. Maya of Fitgreenmind fame explores flavours from around the globe and could not resist the Indian culinary charm because of the plethora of vegan options Indian food has. Though she does not specifically cook only Indian food, she cooks a lot of Indian cuisines, giving it a special Maya touch.

From cult favourites chana masala to evergreen dals, Maya has tried her hands on many Indian food options. To say the least, she definitely makes us Indian drool over Indian food with her take. Indian cuisine is incredibly diverse, with regional variations that offer a range of flavours, textures, and cooking techniques. This diversity is shown by Maya who experiments with a vast array of plant-based ingredients, spices, and flavours, resulting in unique and exciting recipes.

Samah Dada

Samah Dada is a popular food blogger and recipe developer known for her healthy and flavorful recipes. Samah has Indian roots but has been living in America for all her life. Though she has been an American in the true sense of the word, she always looked for a sense of belonging which she found through food, especially Indian food, which she calls “a ticket to India.”

Samah Dada shares her creations on various platforms, including Instagram, where she has garnered a significant following. She is also the host of a cooking show on NBC Digital which is ‘Cooking with Samah Dada.’ Samah’s recipes often feature a balance of nutritious ingredients and delicious flavours, catering to a wide range of dietary preferences, including gluten-free, dairy-free, and plant-based options. Her unique take on Indian cuisine has definitely put Indian food on the global map.

These 3 Content Creators through their culinary journeys have captured the essence of Indian flavours, ingredients, and cultural traditions. Their experiences have not only introduced the world to the wonders of Indian dishes but have also fostered an appreciation for the country’s rich culinary heritage. They have contributed to the global celebration of Indian cuisine and its enduring legacy.