Without a doubt, Instagram serves as a one-stop destination for information from around the globe. It goes without saying that the popularity of the reel format has greatly boosted the complete Instagram experience. 

Instagram features and upgrades have unnoticeably altered our social media experience in difficult-to-explain ways by increasing creativity while maintaining the user-friendliness of things. 

When you browse through Instagram’s never-ending reels and stories, time passes rather quickly, and with these Instagram updates in the past years, it is guaranteed to keep users interested and captivated, and Meta’s photo-sharing app has expanded dramatically in both size and scope.

Meta is always looking for ways to spice up the experience. In order to ensure that you never miss out on capturing that Insta-worthy moment in the most ideal manner for your Instagram family, the next time you get an option to update, go ahead and install it so you won’t miss out on anything fun!

Content scheduling

Last year, on November 8, Instagram started rolling out a new feature for users who have always wanted to schedule their posts on the platform but have been forced to use third-party apps for the purpose.

Instagram announced the availability of content scheduling tools directly within the app in a post on its official updates account, Creators. “You can choose to plan a photo, carousel, or reel up to 75 days in advance,” the company said.

The “Advanced Settings” section is accessible to users. They can select the “Schedule This Message” toggle. When activated, it enables users to choose the day and hour they want their post to be published.

Voiceover for great storytelling

The voiceover update on Instagram is a game-changer for artists hoping to improve their storytelling skills on the platform. 

A voiceover can now be added by users to their stories and reels, enabling them to add more context, narration, or commentary to their material. This can now be enjoyed by people, which opens up new creative possibilities for users but also enables more inclusive content. 

Additionally, the voiceover function enables more creative storytelling and offers a fresh way to amplify the content with feeling, humour, or depth. 

Overall, the voiceover update offers limitless opportunities for interesting and dynamic content on Instagram, making it a potent tool for both creators and storytellers.

Digital collectibles

Last year Instagram announced that it would shortly give content creators access to a complete set of digital collectibles tools.

Digital collectibles are comparable to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are intended to assist creators in generating revenue on the site. From a digital collectible’s conception to its sale and purchase, the complete process will take place on Instagram.

Instagram announced that it would now allow video to be displayed alongside other digital artefacts accounts. Along with the already-existing blockchains, artefacts, and wallets, the Phantom wallet and the Solana blockchain have both been introduced.Instagram’s safety tool to block hate 

Instagram introduced an additional safety feature in 2022 to assist users in preventing the spread of hate speech and other detrimental material. With the help of the tool, users can choose which words or phrases they don’t want to appear in their comments or private messages.

Users who have previously been subjected to bullying or harassment on the site should pay particular attention to the tool. They can avoid being targeted by the same users or organisations in the future by blocking particular words or phrases.

Overall, Instagram’s safety feature to block hate is a move in the right direction towards establishing a more secure and welcoming environment for all users.

Meta Verified

In 2022, Meta, formerly known as Facebook, announced that it was introducing a new feature called the “Meta Verified” paid blue tick. 

This feature allows users to pay for a “verified” badge, also known as a “blue tick,” on their profile. This is a significant departure from the traditional verification process, which typically requires users to submit documentation to confirm their identity.

This process of paid verification is more efficient and less time-consuming than the traditional verification process, but it can also lead to more fake accounts and spam to obtain a blue tick.

Social media platforms have developed over time and will undoubtedly continue to do so in the future to meet user requirements.