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According to Offical Instagram Blog, Instagram has announced an expansion to its Sensitive Content Control options, providing more ways for users to manage their in-app experience. They’re continuously developing controls to help people personalize their experience on Instagram.

Instagram has launched the Sensitive Content Control so people get the option to choose how much or how little sensitive content they want to see in Explore from the accounts that they don’t follow. Starting today, the Sensitive Content Control will cover all surfaces.

To change your Sensitive Content Controls on Instagram:

  • Go to your profile
  • Tap the ‘Settings’ menu in the upper right corner
  • Tap ‘Account’
  • Tap ‘Sensitive Content Control’

The Sensitive Content Control has three options, which are renamed from the time it was first introduced, the control to help explain what each option does. As shown in the screenshot given below: The three options are – “More”, “Standard”, and “Less”.

Sensitive Content Control
Source: Instagram Blog

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In addition, to Explore, you will now be able to control the amount of sensitive content and accounts you see in Search, Reels, Accounts You Might Follow, Hashtag, Pages, and In-Feed Recommendations. With this update, Instagram is also applying to update the technology to enforce Recommendation Guidelines. This update will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

Instagram will now enable users to manage the content that they see in all sections of the app. That’ll help to reduce exposure to potentially harmful content in the app, which is a significant concern for parents, in particular, especially given the amount of time their kids are now spending digitally.

In today’s generation, the youngsters are forced to maintain social connections and engagement. This update of adding and setting a daily time reminder to monitor how much time and what their kids are seeing at all times, to minimize confusion and harm caused.

Sensitive Content Control

Yet it proves to be an important update for Instagram as one misguided search could lead the children to take the wrong path very easily, and it can be handy to have these extra measures to avoid unexpected, and unwanted visuals popping up on the screen.