In an attempt to make the notifications less intrusive and muddled for the users, Instagram is now testing filters for notifications wherein Instagrammers will be able to choose amidst a range of options.

Filters for Notifications

The update divides notifications into two sections – Categories and Account Types. Among the categories, users can select if they want to get notified about tags & mentions, comments, and follows. Either they can choose among these filters or opt to get notifications from all of them. The information was shared by social media specialist Matt Navarra on his Twitter account.

Secondly, the Account Types provides two options for users to select from- Verified and Accounts they follow. It will be up to the users to filter notifications according to the interests and content they want to get a heads-up about.

Although the updates are under the testing process, it will be some kind of relief from constant pop-ups about everything happening on the app. The features, once live, will make it easier for the users to access the application customized to their needs and choices. Currently, the notifications are sent for the posts they have been tagged into by others or mentioned in stories or comments and followers.

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Profile ‘Favourites’

The platform is also testing the ‘Favourites’ option for posts that will allow users to select their favorite creators or people. Once added, as part of the update, the new posts from their favorites will appear higher in the feed.

Digital creator Guillermo J Guajardo tweeted about her business account getting selected to be a part of the Instagram Chronological order Beta Test.

Instagram tests filter

Users can search for accounts or view suggestions based on their activity. The list will be a private one wherein it will not be disclosed to others and accounts on their list will not be notified if you choose to remove or add them.