Instagram is currently testing two new updates that have left everyone in a state of confusion. The first update is where you can add a Notes shelf to your IG Direct inbox, where you can post status updates, or whatever you wish to share with your connections.

The feature, called ‘Notes‘, will let users post disappearing short content like important notes or advisory on their profile that they wish to share with only a few people.

Instagram’s ‘Notes’ can be shared with your list of ‘Close Friends’ or followers who also follow you.

As you can see in this tweet shared below which was posted by Owen Williams (and shared by Matt Navarra) Instagram Notes can be 60-character-long updates that you can leave for all of your connections to see, right at the top of your inbox.

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Instagram is looking for another way to spark more engagement, and it obviously thinks that these ‘fun’ little notes could be a handy prompt to get people talking, and interacting more within the app.

As shown in the image below, posted by the app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is also experimenting with an option that would enable users to show ads on their profiles.

Instagram testing
Source: Social Media Today

Instagram is doing experiments for now, with no official plans for a full release as of now. Instagram’s putting current push to add more content from profiles into your main feed