Today, we are grateful for Instagram more than ever because it gave us a peek into the most adorable content creator to have existed. We are talking about Baby Chef Sabhya, who lives in Jaipur, Rajasthan and cooks all these amazing dishes on his Instagram account “Mymom_taughtmethis”

Sabhya, a tiny little tot with his bunny teeth is hard to miss. His adorable smile topped with his glistening eyes can steal hearts in a jiffy. Wait till you hear him speak and then you’re a loyal fan for life. His comforting voice can heal every pain and we could listen to him for days at a stretch.

Our wonder boy is not just blessed with endearing looks and a dulcet voice, he is also on a path to mastering some serious culinary skills. At the young age of 7, Sabhya is nothing less than a professional chef. From Indian cuisines particularly Rajasthani cuisine to continental and Italian dishes, this social media star can prepare almost everything under the sun. 

Disclaimer- Him enjoying his food at the end can make your stomach growl. 

Did we mention Sabhya also has these cute tiny versions of utensils found in Indian households. Thanks to his deliciously curated Instagram feed, one can see him cook in mini earthen pots and miniature pans. Those tiny hands working magic on those tiny dishes, is definitely an addiction we can’t get over any time soon.

According to his mother Dr Ruchika Gupta, Sabhya has always loved the kitchen. Even when he was an infant he loved playing with utensils and ditching the toys. At the nascent age of two, Sabhya would accompany his mother in the kitchen and help her with the chores. The pressure cooker would get him giggling and his mother loved to have her child around.

Baby Chef Sabhya

When children are involved in the kitchen, it helps them establish a healthy relationship not just with their family who are involved in the kitchen but with food as well. Many researchers have called this an effective parenting style which will help the child have more refined comprehensive skills, increased creativity and fine motor skills.

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Sabhya Gupta is a living embodiment of ‘love what you do.’ As somebody who loves eating food, he soon realised he also enjoys the process of cooking equally. It is the aroma of spices that gets to him and pushes him to try new dishes. Not just to say, every time he adds spices to the food, his eyes light up just like our eyes light up when we see him. 

This adorable kid has cooked many dishes to date but he loves to make fried dishes the most. He enjoys the spluttering noise of the batter against the oil when the fritters are getting ready. That being said, he cooks everything else also to the same level of perfection.

Sabhya owes his interest and his skills to his mother, who is a cardiologist. It is she who encourages her son to take up cooking. In this patriarchal society where boys are forbidden from cooking, Dr Ruchika Gupta teaches this important life skills to her child with utmost patience.

The social media star is no newbie and has 181k followers on Instagram who love, encourage and adore him. He also has been featured by popular newspapers and food bloggers, who appreciate his work. This however is the beginning and he is definitely going places.