Ever since its inception Instagram has seen a rise in popularity and proportionally the number of users. Time and again it has come up with new features to complement the growth. IGTV, Stories, Multiple Posts and the most trending Instagram Reels. Reels by far has been the most successful venture Instagram has come up with. With millions of short videos getting posted across a billion profiles within a single day only justifies how fruitful the feature has been.

Recently in a tweet by popular app developer Alessandro Paluzzi we got to know about what could be Instagram’s next roll out feature “Bonuses” which will be a new way to monetize content.

In addition to that feature (as a follow up) Alessandro shared images in his tweet stating that “#Instagram is working on the Monetization Help section👀”

The images in the tweet show the following options in the Instagram Help section.


Report a Problem
Help Center
Support Requests
Privacy and Security Help
Monetization Help

(Under the Monetization Help option)

Monetization Help

Contact Support 
Branded Content

From all that is known, the feature is still under work-in-progress (WIP) and there has been no official information from Instagram about its official roll out. However we can only assume that the section will be launched alongside the Bonuses feature (More about that HERE)