Instagram’s @Creators announced the testing of a new feature that will help creators in monetising their content, Branded Content Partnerships. This will ensure that creators easily connect and directly collaborate with the Instagram app! 

Instagram’s @Creators stated, “Over the next few months, a small group of creators and brands will test new features that: 1) Help creators partner up with brands and 2) Help brands easily discover, connect, and collaborate with the most strategic creators for their branded content partnerships!”

Now, let’s take a look at the benefits that creators will be able to access as mentioned by Instagram’s @Creators.

Branded Content

Get discovered with more brand deals on Instagram through more profile visibility using partner discovery feature, including your favourite brands in a suggestion list, and spotting new opportunities by segregating brand partnerships messages.

1. Partner Discovery

Allow brands to find you based on profile information. Brands may see your profile when you match their criteria for age, gender, location, or follower count. This helps you get discovered for more brand deals.

Source: Instagram for Business Blog

2. Audience Details

Allow brands to find you based on audience details. Brands may see your profile when details about your audience match their criteria for a partner. This includes age range, gender, location, and interests. 

Branded Content
Source: Instagram for Business Blog

3. Partnership Messages

Allow partnership messages without request. Partnership messages from eligible brands will go into a new Primary tab folder, instead of Requests. This will help you spot new earning opportunities.

So, that was all the details about unlocking Brand Content Partnerships. If you’re interested in knowing Instagram’s other branded content features, then check out Instagram Updated Branded Content Tool.